Sunday, March 19, 2017

Toni's Applique Quilt

Isn't this a beautiful quilt -- Toni did some beautiful applique on this!  You'll have to forgive my photos -- no one was around to hold the board so it's flat, and at a weird angle.

Here are some detail pics while it was still on the frame during quilting.

And a peek or two at the back -

Now to trim it all up - hope Toni loves it!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Diane's 9-Patch/Dresden Quilt

Way back in November of 2016, I quilted Diane's version of Plates in the Nine Patch (pattern by Kay Buffington -  And as much as it killed me, I wasn't able to share the entire quilt as Diane wanted to save its debut for a show, although I did share a couple of sneak peeks on the Creative Longarm Quilting facebook page.   Well, it is now February and the show has taken place so I can share away!  Isn't is gorgeous!

I say it's Diane's version of Plates in the Nine Patch as on the original pattern the finished size is 33"x33" -- Diane's quilt is 77" square so she did a bit of resizing as well as adding a floating border.  I was thrilled to quilt this beauty as there was so much space for creating secondary designs.  I'm so glad after discussing it, Diane decided to add that border -- it added some valuable space for the quilting.  I used two layers of batting - Hobbs 80/20 topped with Quilters Dream Wool.  It is stitched with Fil-Tec Glide 40 wt thread.

Enough of all the chatter, here are some detail pics (eye candy is so much better):

And don't you just love when the light shines across the quilt?  This was a morning peek I just had to share:

And, of course, a peek at the back:

Just received news from Diane that this beauty won four ribbons -- Best of Show, First Place Medium Pieced Longarm Quilted, Best Longarm Quilting, and Viewers Choice -- at the Lake County Quilters Guild 35th Annual "Fan"tastic Quilt Show in Mount Dora, Florida (2/24-25/2017).  How wonderful is that?  Let's send a big shout of Congratulations to Diane!  Here's a pic she forwarded of her, the quilt, and the ribbons!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Carol's Romantic Christmas

Finished Carol's Romantic Christmas quilt - pattern by Verna Mosquera.

Here are a bunch of detail pics -- sorry about the awful lighting.

More client quilts coming soon - I'm taking the weekend for some of my own work!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Rosamond's Two of Us Quilt

It's finally finished (just a couple of delays)...
Here's is Rosamond's Two of Us quilt (Pattern by Sue Nickels & Pat Holly).

Here are a few of the photos during the quilting process:

And a peek at the back:

I couldn't resist this view of the back while I was pinning the quilt to the boards for photos:

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Rosamond's Snowman Collector

You guys.... I totally forgot to take and post pics yesterday.  Apparently, my desire for a nap totally outweighed blogging about quilt photos -- sorry!

And of course, today is dismal and rainy so it'll be indoor (awful lighting) pics.

Here is a couple from when it was still on the frame being quilted:

And a few more block pics:

And a couple peeks at the back:

So the pattern is called Snowman Collector, but unfortunately I don't know the pattern designer - if anyone does, please feel free to comment, thanks!

Next week I'll be working on Rosamond's other quilt, it's a beauty, can't wait!