Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vivian's Mystery Star

I recently had the honor of quilting for Vivian, owner of Quilters' Choice in Jupiter, FL.  For me, this is a big honor because they have their own Gammill... see, pretty special for me to do quilting for them.  So, what did I quilt?  A Mystery Star wall hanging (Kaye England).  The best part, there is a possibility it will be included in Kaye's newest book, which is due out in July.  It's only a possibility, but if chosen, it'll be my first publication of work on a customer's quilt.  Pretty exciting, if it's not chosen, it is still good, because it turned out awesome!  Here it is...

Vivian used some really great colors, of course, photos never do justice.  Keep your fingers crossed that it gets into the book!  I'll let you all know as soon as I know!

And to all the quilty Mom's out there, Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

April in review

What a month of beautiful quilts!  I know, almost every quilt I receive from a customer is beautiful, but this month was no exception!

We'll start with Pat's Timeless Treasures peacocks.  This is an awesome fabric line, such vibrant colors!

Then on to Mary's Blooming 9-Patch... again, beautiful!

Then Sallie's embroidered beauty.

Here is Shay's embroidered quilt that she made for her 90-year-old Mother for Mother's Day.

and the back.  As a longarm quilter I absolutely love when my customers bring solid/mottled backs.  It is such a surprise when you unload the quilt to see yet another quilt on the back!

Then Norma brought me two quilts, exactly the same.  My goal was to quilt them similar but different... here is "Twin" Quilt #1

And here is "Twin" Quilt #2 (no, you're not seeing double, look closely)

So that was pretty much April.  No, really, a lot of other things happened, but I couldn't possible bore you with those details!   Oh, wait, I did participate in a photo challenge, I posted the pics and info on my other blog, you can view it here.  That was loads of fun, I've already started the May Challenge also (it's addicting)!