Saturday, September 24, 2011

OMG she types...

Finally... a post, I know, so strange. I have been so busy I'm not sure if I'm coming, going, breathing, or not. If it weren't for the little reminders and alarms on my phone I wouldn't have a clue. I don't even know where to begin - it has been almost a month! In busy-time that is more like forever! I will start with my Door Challenge for my local art group, Journeys Thru Art -- an AMAZING group of people if I do say so myself. I have finished my door... it has been dubbed "The Choice", because at one time or another we have all had to make that choice. I know which door I chose, hoping you all did too!
So there it is. WAIT until you see the fantastic creations of the others. I can't share them yet... hopefully soon. You will be amazed, astonished, and will most likely need to pick your lower jaw up off the floor. Like I said, an AMAZING group of people. I am honored to be included in this extraordinarily-talented group! Now only two more challenges to go... bring MCQG "Stars, Stars, Stars" challenge out of the I hate you right now corner and begin the drawing/creation phase of PSLCQ "Whats in Your Garden" member challenge. Hopefully they will both turn out as awesome as "The Choice". I'm sure I have about a million other things to tell you, BUT... I am still crazy busy and will have to continue this again another time. Love all you Quilty Peeps - thanks for tolerating my absence!