Friday, November 27, 2009

After Thanksgiving fun sale...

Today was a fantastically great day... no sales, just pure fun! Two adults, three almost adults, and one child on ice skates... awesome fun!

And then, behind the parking lot... the ice scrapings pile from the Zamboni -- this may seem like nothing to all of you; but let me tell you, this is the closest thing to snow that my son has seen in almost 8 years!!! We have a wonderful mod-snowball fight -- too cool for words -- I managed to grab two quick pictures before being sucked into the snowball fighting vortex!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!

may your stuffing be tasty
may your turkey be plump
may your potatoes and gravy
never have a lump
may your yams be delicious
and your pies take the prize
and may your Thanksgiving dinner
stay off your thighs

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Here is some fabric I purchased at a cute little shop in Mount Holly, the Village Quilter, not a real big store, but some really nice stuff. Anyway, I think this fabric will become another Onion quilt, since I "lost" that one to my sister. You can read more about the original onion quilt here, here, or here.

Here is some beautiful silk dupioni that I found at the Little Sewing Shoppe, also in Mount Holly. The photo does not do it justice (as usual), it is a beautiful lavender purple and the other piece is a crisp snowy white. I am planning a "modified" wholecloth using both pieces, yes I know, it won't really be a wholecloth if I piece them, but it will be awesome. I'll have to figure this one out... 1 1/3 yard of the purple (that's all that was left) and a 1 1/2 of the white. Apparently these were pretty popular colors.
Both of these stores are part of Mill Race Village, an eclectic little village of artisan shops and hand-made goods. It is part of a restoration project of a very old neighborhood in an attempt to preserve the history of Mount Holly.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Long lost family...

well not really lost, just misplaced in another state! Here's my son with his cousins that he hasn't seen in about 5 years!

They have had a blast today spending some much needed catch-up time!

Here's a funny link of my nephew (aka Helicopter) attempting the pole vault. LOL!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vacation Day 1

One deer down, two more to go!!

No, seriously.. the doe hanging was hunted, the two in the background were just passing through the yard!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sally's Log Cabin

Here is a quick look at Sally's log cabin quilt -- pretty big, 101x115!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Aquamarine... done!

It is Saturday -- Jeannie's quilt is done -- so that means I am still on schedule! Hurrah, hooray, woohoo!!! Here are a couple of final pics of Jeannie's quilt -- I think this one is going in the PSL show so you'll all be able to check it out up close soon enough!

Like I told Jeannie when she picked the quilt up... this is an awesome quilt!

Ooops, I almost forgot to let you all know... Jeannie teaches these beautiful quilts -- check out her website when you get a chance

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Aquamarine... somewhere in the quilt???

I know I've missed a day or so in posting, but I am totally engrossed in Jeannie's quilt. I'm making EVERY attempt to say on schedule and have this done by Saturday. We will have to wait and see, here is a picture from yesterday -

Needless to say, as much as I wanted to attend the World Quilt Show (at the Palm Beach County Convention Center) on Friday it will not be happening. I've got way too much work to do prior to vacation. I am sure we will fit it in on Sunday -- not much can interfere with a perfect family day! So, if anyone is going on Friday or Saturday, please feel free to let me know how it is - thanks!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Aquamarine... morning two

Did I forget to mention how large this quilt is... ready... 112 inches square! It is definitely a big girl! I quilted all morning and this is what I have to show you --
Hope everyone enjoys... more pics later, or possibly tomorrow as that pesky life thingy is going to sneak up on me this afternoon! I'll try, but no promises!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Aquamarine Ambience... the beginning

Here is the beginning of Jeannie's Aquamarine Ambience (pattern by Simon and Jenny Haskins). This is only one of the borders -- but it is my favorite -- nothing but open quilting space...... ooohhh aaahhh! Anyway, here is a peek

I can't wait to get down to the embroidered blocks, and then on to color number two in the sashing and outer border. I'll be posting pictures as I go so stay tuned!

Christmas Irish Chain

Here is Dianne's Christmas themed Irish Chain -- just beautiful!

It will be on its way back home to Alabama tomorrow -- hope Dianne likes it!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Really quick... in a nutshell

Okay, here is a quick post of some of the things I've been working on...

This is a tiny (and I mean tiny) little view of my Member Challenge for the PSL Crazy Quilters show! That's all I can show without giving it away -- no it is no where near done!

Here's a look at Sallie's It's a Bling Thing quilt (in the book Let the Good Times Roll by Anka Treasures) - I love her colors!

Here's Fern's Happy Hauntings (by Verna Mosquera of the Vintage Spool). I'm a Halloween person and I absolutely love this quilt! I think I'll get started on it soon (around mid March of next year)!

Here's a Memory Quilt made by Kelly -- her own design.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

shame on me...

I have neglected my own blog; but not anything else! I have been a crazy woman quilting away in an attempt to get ahead of myself so that I will be able to take my vacation! Yes, an actual vacation, can you believe it -- not just a non-working normal day, an actual get in the truck-pack up the family and drive somewhere not in this state vacation! WOW! I can't wait, but I also realize I have much work to do, so until I have time to actually dump the camera and upload some pics, this is all you're getting. Sorry if that sounds rude, but I didn't want all my blogger friends to think that I had forgotten you... I will do my best to upload some pics soon!