Sunday, January 8, 2012

December in review = a quilt or two...

Finishing out December involved six quilts... wow!  Really, four of them needed to be quilted for our local show in February, the other two were for Christmas.  So here goes the super-quick condensed version.

Gail's Stepping Stones (pattern by Judy Niemeyer), and might I mention, Gail is a meticulous piecer!

Next was Nancy's "Taxi Quilt" (pattern  by Heidi Pridemore for Timeless Treasures) - the original pattern was done in yellows and grays -- I absolutely LOVE Nancy's version, and was quite tempted to tell her NOT to pick up her quilt!  Good thing she's one of my besties and this was a gift for her son...

Then on to Joan's "Sharman's Vintage Garden" (pattern by Jenny and Simon Haskins) - this quilt gave me a little bit of trouble with skipping stitches on some of the satin/silk blocks -- actually my machine had the problem, I had the headache -- all turned out well (it only slowed me down a little) and it looks beautiful!

Barbara pieced this cute sampler (from Fons & Porter 1999, I believe) -- and I quilted it, no, not in time for Christmas, but in plenty of time for the show!

Next up was Betty's "Texas" quilt -- the follow up to her amazing "Oklahoma" quilt.  This quilt
turned out super cute! 

Sorry, the "Oklahoma" quilt was pre-blog, but if you'd really, really, really like to see it, it will be at the PSL Crazy Quilters show in February -- maybe you should attend, actually a lot of the quilts I quilt will be there, along we a few of my own!

And the final quilt for 2011... Mary Lou's watercolor Triple Irish Chain - a beauty, if I do say so myself!

So there you have it, my crazy, insane, you've-got-to-be-kidding-me last few weeks of 2011.  And it's taken me a full week of 2012 to tell you about them... pfffttt... hoping that's not a forewarning of how 2012 is going to play out!

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012... changes

My only "change" for 2012 --

All of my customer work will remain on this blog.  My own personal work will be found at

Happy New Year peeps!  Wishing you the best of everything, always!