Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another quilt closer to caught-up!

Yes, I have finished another quilt!  Here is Kim's quilt, sorry I don't have the pattern name, but it is a simple two block quilt with some really great fabrics - all it really needed was some nice point-to-point quilting:

And a detail pic:

And, of course, the back:

Lorraine's Anchors Aweigh

You know the worst part of taking the weekend off?  Well, let me tell you, it is easily the Monday following your weekend off!  Friday night I loaded Lorraine's quilt on the frame and basted it so it would be ready to go for early Saturday morning quilting.  Then... LIFE jumped up and grabbed me.  No, I'm not complaining at all, I thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful weekend with my family.  I even dangled my feet in the pool for more than a few minutes!

So we'll fast forward to this morning -- catch up!  Yep, today was quilt my tushy off to try and catch up to my way-behind-if-you-can-even-still-call-it-a-schedule.  I am striving to conquer this behind-ness, my poor post-it notes are barely even sticking anymore.  You know they've been moved one too many times!

So I quilted off an on all day on Lorraine's "Anchors Aweigh" quilt (pattern by Tula Pink), and then when my normal quilting time rolled around I quilted like a mad-woman.  And this is what happened:

Wow,what a mess in the background!  See, I really need to catch up before all those quilts decide to hop out of those boxes!  It's beginning to look more like a mail room than a quilting studio!

And since I finished this quilt late tonight (or tomorrow morning - depending how you view 12am), these are the best pictures you're going to get:

I think it turned out super cool - hope Lorraine likes it!

Oh, and I did manage to run outside and snap an awesome picture of the little bit of sun I saw today as it was going away:

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The last of the laser cuts...

Friday afternoon I finished the binding on the last of the three laser-cut applique kits of Pearl Pereira patterns featuring fabrics by RJR.  This one was Baltimore Christmas (its not the best picture as it was snapped in a hurry before Fedex, I've tried to quickly erase the busy background and hands that were holding it up).  I'll also share the pics of the others so you can see all three in the series.  Don't forget to check them out at Spring Market, and just so you know, RJR will be shipping kits to quilt shops in June - make sure to watch for them - all those little pieces precisely cut for you!

Baltimore Christmas - 70x70
Ole Time Santa - 42x42

Twelve Days of Baltimore - 58x70

Monday, April 21, 2014

Old Time Santa - laser cut style!

Remember, a couple of posts ago I told you all about the three laser-cut applique kits of Pearl Pereira patterns featuring fabrics by RJR that will be debuting at Spring Market and I shared the first one. Well, I just finished the second in the series:  Old Time Santa - super cuteness!  And remember, all those pieces are precisely laser cut for you - and according to RJR the kits will be shipping to quilt shops in June!

Okay, here it is:

And now to just finish the binding (it is that super cute red dot fabric).  I'll be sharing the third quilt in the series in a few days!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bonnie's "About Trout"

I just finished working on Bonnie's "About Trout" quilt - pattern by Lunch Box Quilts.  It is an awesome quilt!  Colorful fabric trout (Bonnie made some really nice choices), beautiful embroidered flies - what more could you ask for?  Here are some pictures:

That's it for this week... more soon!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Jan's T-Shirt Quilt

Tonight was a rush for one of my good customers, Jan.  She needs this beauty for a graduation gift -- an awesome t-shirt quilt that just needed a loopy all-over in a bright variegated thread.

And any of you that are familiar with Jan's quilts - she always adds some cut appliques and always adds buttons:

That's it for now... lots more quilts to come!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Twelve Days of Baltimore - laser-cut style!

I know, you are all familiar with the beautiful Baltimore quilts by Pearl Pereira, right?  Well there are a series of three laser-cut applique kits featuring fabrics from RJR that will be debuting at Spring Market.  Pretty cool!  The best part, I get to quilt these three beauties!!  I only have one to share so far, the other two will be finished soon!  I hear from RJR that the kits will be shipping to quilt shops in June -- watch for yours!  All those little pieces - totally prepped for you!

So here is the beautiful Twelve Days of Baltimore:

And some detail photos:

See all those pieces -- now they will be laser-cut goodness!  Make sure to look for them at Spring Market or your local quilt shops!!

I'll be posting the other two quilts in the series as I complete them - stay tuned!

Oh!!!  Almost forgot to share the black light info...  If you follow on Facebook you'll remember I was talking about the black light on my Gammill -- awesomeness when quilting with white thread on white fabric.  Check this out:

Regular lighting - really hard to see the thread on that beautiful fabric right?

 With the black light on - wow!  Totally makes a difference, at least for these old eyes!

Don't forget to check back to see the other two quilts in the series!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Jeanna's Quilt

Jeanna made this quilt for her daughter's graduation -- it is beautiful!  I don't know the pattern name, but due to a million people asking me I researched it just a bit - I didn't find the pattern, but I did find the block (in another setting) on Moda Bake Shop.  It is an awesome block - so simple yet so effective - two four patches and two half-squares, genius!  If anyone knows the actual pattern name, please feel free to comment, thanks!

Anyway, here are the pictures, I know that's what you were all waiting for:

And she even made three shams to match: