Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Twelve Days of Baltimore - laser-cut style!

I know, you are all familiar with the beautiful Baltimore quilts by Pearl Pereira, right?  Well there are a series of three laser-cut applique kits featuring fabrics from RJR that will be debuting at Spring Market.  Pretty cool!  The best part, I get to quilt these three beauties!!  I only have one to share so far, the other two will be finished soon!  I hear from RJR that the kits will be shipping to quilt shops in June -- watch for yours!  All those little pieces - totally prepped for you!

So here is the beautiful Twelve Days of Baltimore:

And some detail photos:

See all those pieces -- now they will be laser-cut goodness!  Make sure to look for them at Spring Market or your local quilt shops!!

I'll be posting the other two quilts in the series as I complete them - stay tuned!

Oh!!!  Almost forgot to share the black light info...  If you follow on Facebook you'll remember I was talking about the black light on my Gammill -- awesomeness when quilting with white thread on white fabric.  Check this out:

Regular lighting - really hard to see the thread on that beautiful fabric right?

 With the black light on - wow!  Totally makes a difference, at least for these old eyes!

Don't forget to check back to see the other two quilts in the series!

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  1. Thanks for the photo of the blacklight. It makes all the difference in the world. I have an awful time sometimes, trying to see where I've stitced.


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