Sunday, February 16, 2020

Linda's Pink & Green quilt

I just finished this super cute edge-to-edge quilt for Linda.  Sorry guys, I do not know the pattern name.

Here's a detail pic and the back:

This super cutie had a couple issues with the pieced border - nothing that couldn't be fixed though.  Here are a couple before/after pics.  If you want to see how I fixed it, you'll have to sign up for my Quilty Know-How Facebook group (subscription required).
Oh, and the pattern - apparently what's old is new!  I was going through old pics for something else and came across a few of my hand-guided e2e designs that I had stitched way back.  So last week I digitized a few of them... wow, this one was perfect for this quilt!  You can find this as well as a bunch of others on Gammill's Pattern Cloud and, hopefully soon, I'll have my patterns available in all formats (they will be available on my website).  It will still be a little while as I have a few things that need finishing up first.  And don't worry, I'll let you all know!

Happy quilting!!