Thursday, August 29, 2019

Two cuties for Kate

I finished up two super cuties for Kate -

First a Christmas table topper:

And then a wall hanging:

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Diane's Rooster Applique Tablerunner

This was such a fun piece to work on - Diane's beautiful applique makes it so easy!

And a detail pic:

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Kris's Bali Wedding Star

Kris's beautiful Bali Wedding Star is finally finished.  I stress finally because it has been on the frame since July.  Ahh, yes, there were two separate weeks of travel in there too, so it's not like it was a month worth of quilting.

We'll rewind back to the beginning... this quilt has been waiting to be quilted since last November.  There were multiple mishaps and delays, and finally, in July it was time!

So... if you know me, you'll already know I have some serious attention issues.  Doing a quilt like this really tests those limits.  So we decided I would do some of the repetitive designs on the Elevate.  I spent a day or so designing different elements for the large open background area.  Kris decided on one and we were off... I would use the Elevate to do all the design elements.  This design (as well as many others) is available here:

It looked amazing!

So then a week of travel... and time for the hand-guided part.  I switched the quilt over to my Vision 2 (in case I needed the Elevate for some E2E stuff) -- let me tell you, zipper leaders are great for this!

Then on to pebbles, and more pebbles, and even more pebbles... so many tiny little pebbles. 

So this was a slow, slow process.  And yes, my lack of attention probably got the best of me -- not to mention daily storm delays (gotta love a Florida summer).  And then... yep, another week of travel.

But then... the bottom!  But, that was only the end of the pebbling, now it was time for all the ditching.  So, back up to the top and stitch the entire quilt one more time!  Oh, but it is so worth it -- just look at the difference it makes (the top arc is ditched, the bottom is not):

And more rain delays...
and then, just like that (no really, more like 32 hours) all the hand guiding was finished!  Time for pics... or so I thought.  I usually pin the quilts to boards for nice flat photos.  The boards are 8'x8' and it takes someone to hold the boards upright while I take the photo... well when the light was right no one was here -- when someone was here it was storming.  murphy's law, right?  So, I've currently given up on the nice flat photo -- here's what we have: