Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Fan Mail....

I loved my quilt as usual. It is always like Christmas when my quilt returns home to PA from their trip to FL. I am never, ever disappointed with your work. All the girls' here thought that it was beautiful as well. Did see your new website and thought it was great! Your #1 fan
Dottie D.

Friday, February 26, 2010

"Park Ling" Panda takes shape....

Here is a peek into the "rebirth" of Park Ling Panda! I say rebirth because he was originally born when Pat P. created him during the week-long Sharon Schamber Design and Construction retreat back in September. WOW... he was amazing, but now he is unbelievably amazing... Pat created this great wall hanging and is allowing me to "draw" on it with some thread... or thread-paint, whichever you choose... anyway, here is the beginning...

This the original photo... Pat's inspiration

Here is a close up of the face before any thread work...

Step one of the thread work -- the first layers...

"Park Ling" so far.... there is still much work to be done. And lots of threads need to land. So far there are already 5 different colors in his face.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Rozann's "Grandmother's House"

I really like this quilt, I REALLY like this quilt! It might be the black and creams... so neutral and almost calming. Or the fact that I am slowly becoming more and more obsessed with hand work. Rozann's embroidery almost reminds me of a pencil line on stark white paper - and my need to doodle and draw. All I know is that I barely have enough time in my day as it is now... but I have this sudden obsession to begin hand embroidery! WOW, just look at the work that Rozann did - amazing! Yes I know, my beginning embroidery would look nothing like this... but a girl can hope can't she? We'll see what tomorrow brings...

Here are a couple of detail photos...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I just realized that I neglected to share with all my wonderful blog-followers, the pictures of my booth from the PSL Crazy Quilter show. Okay... there are only a few

So that was my booth for those of you that didn't get the opportunity to visit the show... as I mentioned before it was an absolutely fantastic show-- can't wait for 2012...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Karen Marchetti Designs

Take a peek at my patterns... here are the first three, which debuted at the PSL Crazy Quilters Show...

I'm still in the process of setting up the shopping cart on the website. As soon as its up and running I'll let you all know with an updated link!

Monday, February 15, 2010

PSL Crazy Quilters 2010 Show

Here is the link to the Award Winners listing and also a nice slide show of ALL quilts in the show. Enjoy!!!

PSL Crazy Quilts 2010 Show

Dotties quilt... finally finished!

Now that the ribs have healed, the Christmas rush is done , the Show rush is done, and the Show itself are all complete; now my life can return to a somewhat normal state (now remember I did say somewhat normal) LOL!

Back to work... and first up was Dottie...

Such a cute quilt... with some very nice hand applique work! It'll be on its way home tomorrow, no mail today, sorry about that Dottie!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fan Mail.... WOW

I have my first official piece of "fan mail" from a darling woman who I absolutely adore...

Feb 02/07/10 9:05 AM
Dahlink, every where I turned yesterday I saw another absolutely gorgeous quilt done by Karen Marchetti - your work should be in all the quilt magazines and you should become a national teacher - you're better than half of them out there!! I am so happy for you. The labels, prize ribbons and everything else you designed for the show were also wonderful. It was just the best show. Before you take a break, pat yourself on the back a thousand times. Love, Pat P.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wow, it has been a busy past three days... The PSL Crazy Quilters Show has wrapped up and today is a calm day of relaxing... hah... work on the website slide show of all the quilts, realize I'm missing some... call the other photo buds I know... then a quick trip to the airport to return Mom & Sis to the stormy-snowy north... then another quick trip to drive my son to his friends super bowl party... then another quick trip home so hubby could fit in some fishing before the super bowl! So when exactly is the relaxation going to happen? Apparently it is now, during my blog posting... LOL cause if not I'd be crying!

Anyway, I must send a shout out to my friend Natalie who took Best of Show at the show... woohoo (hopefully she's not tired of hearing that)... double woohoo!!! Okay, I walked away with eight ribbons myself -- not so bad if I say so myself!

I also won First Place for the Member Challenge with this -- "Beauty of the Sea" -- my own design utilizing a bunch of stuff I learned during the week long Sharon Schamber Design and Construction retreat that I attended back in September.

She is absolutely amazing and I had so much fun making her. The finished piece is only 20" square. I am planning to make a larger piece exactly the same, well close, nothing is ever exactly the same!

Back to the PSL Crazy Quilters Show... for a list of winners click here, the slideshow is still "in progess" so once it is posted to their site I'll let everyone know! This way you can see ALL the beautiful quilts.

Okay people... thanks for following and I truly need at least an hour of peace and quiet before the super bowl starts!!! Have fun, enjoy, stay safe and sane!!!