Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Long overdue...

Long overdue?  More like seriously overdue!  I just sat down long enough to realize that I was overdue in sharing with all you wonderful peeps.  Then I looked to see how long it had been... imagine my shock when I realized it was September when I last shared  the quilting I did on some beautiful client quilts.  So I'd say it is an understatement when I say this is going to be a long post, very long.  Not many words, but be assured there will be loads of pictures!

Nancy had this awesome quilt and she really wanted butterflies on it.  Her original idea was for me to stitch butterflies in the border.  Well... it was a print, so you really wouldn't see them as well as my idea, which was to put the butterflies in the background of the blocks - super cuteness!

And then there was Denise's Merry Christmas quilt (pattern by Amy Bradley Designs).

More awesomeness happened on Debbie's Lone Starburst quilt (pattern by Kimberly Einmo)

Hey, I think by the looks of these quilts there is a possibility of it being Christmas time... hah, maybe that's why I waited so long to post.  Here is Marie's Merry Christmas quilt in the nutcracker version (pattern by Amy Bradley Designs).  Oh, and also a peek at the black light on the Gammill -- yep, white thread on white print fabric is really hard on the eyes - until you flip on that awesome light - fun huh?!!

And then on to Kim's Sunflower Illusions quilt (pattern by Judy Niemeyer - Quiltworx).  This quilt was a lot of fun - so full of energy!


And then Jan's Generals' Wives quilt (a BOM by Windham Fabrics)

And then on to Carol's quilts.  She had two -- the first was Vintage Valentine (pattern by Verna Mosquera - The Vintage Spool).  This quilt turned out spectacular!

And then Carol's second quilt - Baltimore Country Cousins (pattern by Susan McKelvey)

And then finally, just last week, I finished Billy's various wall hangings (patterns by McKenna Ryan - Pine Needles).

And there you have it!  Over two months of client quilts.  A lot of other things happened during those couple months that I'm sharing on my personal blog.  Check it out in the next week or so, once I catch up over there!

Happy Quilting - I'll be posting again soon, I promise!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Melody's "Spring Bouquet" quilt

This post is very late... apparently way back in September I totally neglected to press PUBLISH and all this beauty has been sitting in my drafts folder.  So sorry to Melody as well as all of you for my neglect in sharing her awesome quilt!

What a beauty this quilt is!  It belongs to Melody, the pattern is "Spring Bouquet" by Edyta Sitar (Laundry Basket Quilts).  This is the second one I've quilted, I think - it's all blending again - you guys could probably tell me better than me remembering!

Anyway, here it is in pics (those afternoon sunlight ones are the best):




Monday, September 30, 2013

The week of rush quilts...

Two kinda rush quilts for Mary, similar but different (love that).  These are her Lilly dresses, yes that is Lilly Pulitzer fabrics cut into little sheath dresses - absolutely adorable!!

And then two real rush quilts for Rhona (again, similar yet different)!

Lots of other things happening in life and on the other blog.  Check out the latest post here - it might just spark your interest!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rosemarie's Beauties

Before Rosemarie headed back up north for the summer she left four of her quilts for me to quilt -- two bigs and two smalls.  Here they are finished:

Big #1

And very similar Big #2

Small #1

And a similar (but different) Small #2

I know, not many words with this post.  I've been behind schedule like crazy and suffered an insanely debilitating headache migraine today.  I managed to start functioning around 7:30 pm.  This is the most productivity I've managed -- sorry peeps, more pics (and hopefully words) soon!