Monday, November 27, 2017

Weekly finishes...

So I've been quilting up a storm with my Elevate by Gammill - its been a blast so far!

Here are vintage twin quilts for my client Dot - she's thinking they are at least 50-60 years old.  Now they'll be like new on her guest room beds.

Did you know that having a computerized system is kinda like an employee?  You get so much more done!  I've also managed to finish up two of my older pieces.

This charm quilt is old, I'm thinking from around 2004, back when I worked at the quilt shop.  I really love this quilt - it is one piece of every fabric that came into the shop that year.  I remember many of them!  Now, all it needs is some binding.

And I finally finished this cute Halloween table topper - a simple rail fence created (years ago) from a jelly roll.

Lots more to come on the edge-to-edge side of my world...

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Maureen's Infinity Quilt

I just finished Maureen's Infinity quilt (pattern by Jacqueline de Jonge/Be Colourful)and it is gorgeous!  Yes, I went a little over budget on the background fills around some of the stars, but it is okay - the effect was worth it.
And a few close-ups:

I definitely had a lot of fun with this one!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

East Coast Gammill Statler Conference

This is absolutely one of my favorite events of the year. And I'm even more excited for 2018 as the venue has changed to Williamsburg, VA - click HERE for all the details.   Join me and many other super talented teachers!  I wouldn't wait too long to sign up - there are only a limited number of spots available - once it's full you'll have to wait until next time!

Here are the classes I'll be teaching:

A few brand new classes - watch in coming weeks as I share pictures of the samples!  And yes, that's right, Build-A-Stitch 3 will be ready (the book too) - where I'll share many other ways to utilize those stitches you've been learning!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Say what...

Yesterday I shared a post about Gammill's newest option in their product line-up - the Elevate.  If you were at Market or Festival you have already heard all about it, and maybe you even took it for a test drive.  Well, as you can see from the ad above, I've been using this amazing computerized option.  I've mainly used it for my own stuff as I had to get used to it and adjust to doing some computerized stuff.  Yes, I know I would have been the last person to think I'd ever be using a computerized quilting option.  After all these years of doing custom and heirloom work I'm now able to offer really affordable edge-to-edge options.  Yes, I've always done edge-to-edge, but now... BOOM - I can let the machine do it for me -- if it saves me time, it saves you money!

Here's the special part - introductory pricing, but only for a limited time!  

The introductory pricing of .015 per square inch will be for computerized edge-to-edge quilting (minimum $50).  Quilts must be delivered/dropped off by January 15, 2018.  Additional fees for batting, binding, and general services will still apply.

But wait... there's more!  If you drop/send a custom piece at the same time, your computerized edge-to-edge piece will drop to .010 per square inch (minimum $50)!  Additional fees for batting, binding, and general services will still apply.

When you call/email just mention the Elevate introductory offer - and do it before the offer expires!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Block Breakdown #4 - Economy Patch

Here is Block Breakdown # 4 - Economy Patch

Every month on the Gammill YouTube channel I'll be sharing a different block showing several quilting variations. I'll make sure to share the link here as well. You can always click on the Block Breakdown links (located in the sidebar) to check if you've missed any.

Kate's Christmas goodies

So, it was the week before Festival and I was trying to get client work finished.

I managed to stitch up these four beauties for Kate:

First this super cute table topper:

Then these adorable twin log cabin toppers:

And then this little tree skirt:

This last one was kind of a little secret.  I'm sure by now you've heard/read all about Gammill's newest product, the Elevate, a mid-range computerized system.  Well, I've been using the Elevate and I'm super excited to finally be able to share something.  On this little beauty I used both computerized and hand-guided - can you tell? 

So, more about the Elevate - now that I'm able to share!
OMG... who would ever have thought that I would be using a computerized system?!!  Right, even I shocked myself!  The Elevate is a mid-range product - it does blocks and rows.  So for me, it is more of an employee... it will do edge-to-edge quilts for me while I'm busy working on other things... I can actually multi-task even more now!

So what this means for my clients... oooh, there will be another blog post sometime tomorrow with a super special.