Thursday, October 9, 2014

Judy's Embroideries

Here is the last of the four quilts for Judy.  I love this one!  Aren't these embroideries awesome?!!

A detail pic - if you like the quilting I did in the block, scroll down to the bottom of this post, there are two videos showing how I did it:

And, of course, the back -- gorgeous.  I love when clients give me solid backs -- it's almost like they get two quilts in return -- the pieced top and a wholecloth back!

Oh, about the videos.  Well, my friend Natalie was over, and she was looking at the quilt.  When she asked about my travel path I showed her.  She then proclaimed that I was a genius at finding the fastest path through a block and/or  across a quilt.  Well, I don't know about all that, but I do like to find the path with the least start/stops.  So I decided to do a video of my path.  Each block takes me 10-12 minutes to stitch.  I ended up doing two videos -- one time lapsed which runs about a minute and a half, and one hi-speed video which runs just under three minutes.  Some people found the time-lapsed version jumpy.  And yes, I know it is hard to see -- it is white thread on a white background, but you're concentrating on the path, not the stitches.

Video #1 Time-Lapse version

Video #2 Hi-Speed version

So, check out the videos, watch how my brain works in creating the best path through the block, and let me know which one you prefer.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Judy's Baskets

Here is another quilt made by Judy - a super cutie named Log Cabins and Baskets (pattern is by Rachel's Baskets by Marti Michell).

And a detail pic:

And, of course, the back:

And there is still one more to go for Judy... this one was number three of the four!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Judy's "Sherman's March" Quit

I absolutely love the look of this quilt!

This is Judy's second (of four) quilts that I'm working on for her.  To me, this one is quite timeless, the blacks, beige, and pop of burgundy - love it!  The pattern is called Sherman's March, here is a link to the Red Crinoline website.

Here are a couple of other pics - the side light this afternoon was perfect!

I have a project for an upcoming article to work on tomorrow, and working on more class stuff for my upcoming teaching gigs (info on my website), but Judy's third quilt will be started over the weekend, make sure you watch for it here as well as the CLQ facebook page!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weathered Windmill

Quiltworx is about to debut a new patterned called Weathered Windmill -- it is absolutely beautiful.  I was lucky enough to get to quilt the sample which is done in their new fabric line, Reclaimed West. Yes, I have permission to share, so here goes:

Isn't is awesome?!!  Here are some detail pics during the quilting process:

I've recently started killing all my scissors...

And, of course, some pictures of the back:

It is an amazing quilt.  If you happen to be at Fall Quilt Market make sure you swing by the Quiltworx booth and check it out!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chris D's Snowman Wallhanging

And here is the other one from Chris D's -- a super cute embroidered snowman wall hanging:

Getting closer to caught up!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Chris D's Christmas Celebration quilt

One more quilt closer to caught up...

Wow, what an awesome quilt this was to stitch on.  Here is Chris D's Christmas Celebration tree skirt, a Judy Niemeyer / Quiltworx pattern - enjoy!

The finished quilt:

Detail pics:

And (my favorite) the back:

Tomorrow I load a second quilt for Chris - pics soon!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lorraine's Brilliant Beauties of Joy

Last week I started on Lorraine's Brilliant Beauties of Joy quilt (pattern by Jacqueline de Jonge/BeColourful).  What a fun quilt - I won't bore you with words, instead here are some pics:

Oh, and the back of this awesome quilt is an amazing ice dye by Sondra/She's Got Mojo:

So I mentioned I started it last week... yep, a couple of detours.  One of which is my old Gammill had to go in for repairs so that big plan I had on catching up... yeah, well, not this month!  Instead of using two machines, I'm down to one for a few weeks.  Here's a picture of Richard (Pat's Calico Cottage) prepping old Gam for her road trip for some maintenance and new parts:

Up next are two beautiful quilts for Chris - stay tuned!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Donna's Spring Bouquet

You remember my last post where I shared the wavy border on Donna's quilt... silly me, I never shared the finished quilt!

The pattern is Spring Bouquet by Edyta Sitar/Laundry Basket Quilts:

I wish I had better photo-taking places.  Thrown over the Gammill will have to do...
the border was wavy, it was corrected, and now the quilt is flat and even more beautiful.  I hope Donna is pleased with it.  Now I've got to finish two others for Donna's friend.  Those two right after the beauty I'm working on now -- see still behind, but stitching as quickly as possible to catch up!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Basting - no, not the turkey!

People are always asking why I baste quilts.  And by baste I mean  B-A-S-T-E -- the entire quilt, not just down the sides as I go.  In the very (yes VERY) near future I'll be filming how I load a quilt and perhaps I'll make it a not-so-square quilt so I can share why I baste so much.

I'll start here... I don't load the *usual* way.  As in, I don't use the roller to attach my quilt top.  No, I don't really float my quilt top either.  I temporarily float it.  I load my backing fabric just like everyone and then I load my quilt top, basting across the top and down the sides.  I then baste across the quilt usually twice, this gives me about 8 inches between the basting lines.  I then roll the backing fabric forward a full advance and again baste down the sides of the quilt top and across the quilt top dividing the advanced area into approximately 8" segments.  I baste at every 2.5".  The baste feature on my Gammill makes this super easy.  I continue to do this until I reach the bottom of the quilt top.  Now the entire quilt top is attached to the batting and backing.  I can roll back and forth as much as I need to, nothing is laying on the floor, life is wonderful.  And.... the best part of basting a quilt top is there are NO surprises.

This post all started because today I'm loading Donna's Spring Bouquet quilt.  I started to baste and there was this

Whoops.  Not perfect, also not the end of the world.  Contrary to what many people will say, this can totally be fixed while on the frame.

First, start with oodles of pins.  Space out the excess fabric evenly.  Remember that the excess may go beyond the area in front of you.  Also smooth the fabric as best you can in the border areas and pin accordingly.

Then, grab your machine and slowly baste the edge.  I have my basting mode set at 1/2" and I slowly and carefully go down the edge over all those pins easing the fabric as I go.

I then, baste back and forth across the entire border area about every 2" smoothing the fabric as I baste.  Now please realize, there is still excess fabric, it is just dispersed evenly over the entire area now instead of waves on the edges.  This will still require some pretty serious background fills to suck up the excess, pebbles always work great.

Remember before I mentioned about the excess extending beyond the area in front of you?  See, there is still a small amount of excess in this border.  Follow the same procedure as above:

Pin like a mad person:

Baste edge, then baste entire border area:

Then remove pins.  When quilting time comes, this will most likely be quilted with one hand pushing the machine and the other hand smoothing the fabric between basting areas.

And that is it.  Clear as mud right?  It just takes a little time and effort, but I would much rather do this than cry over a tuck or pleated fabric.  And no, I would never tell the piecer to come get her quilt -- not when it can be corrected so easily.

Aren't you all glad during the basting it started rumbling and I unplugged.  Just enough time to share all of this with you!  Now waiting for the rumbling to end -- stay tuned for beautiful after pictures -- well, once I finish the quilting.  Hopefully I'll be starting soon!

Sondra's Super Secret Quilt

This weekend I worked some overtime on a super-secret project. My super talented friend Sondra Millard, also known as ShesGotMojo, is writing a book. Yep, I totally can't wait for this book - it will be awesome! I am also honored to be quilting one of Sondra's quilts for the book, the quilt is called Joyland, and it is super cool! Unfortunately I can't share any pictures of the quilt top, but I sure can share pics of the back!!! Ooohhhh... and it is awesome!

Here is Sondra's backing as I was loading it on the Gammill:

Sondra dyes these amazing backings, or fronts, as they are beautiful all on their own.  For those that follow my personal blog, you already know about these amazing backs, I own three now... I guess I'm a collector!

And here are some amazing afters, showing only the quilting on this beautiful backing.  You'll have to wait for the book to see the quilt!

Amazing right? Yep, told ya!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kathryn's Confetti Quilt

I managed to finish Kathryn's Confetti quilt tonight. Yay! The pattern is by Judy Niemeyer - Quiltworx (don't you just love all her patterns)! Soon one of the quilts I quilted for Quiltworx as a new cover sample will be digitzed and available for sale! But enough of that, back to Kathryn's quilt:

The front:

A detail pic:

And the back:

An awesome quilt!