Friday, April 11, 2014

Jan's T-Shirt Quilt

Tonight was a rush for one of my good customers, Jan.  She needs this beauty for a graduation gift -- an awesome t-shirt quilt that just needed a loopy all-over in a bright variegated thread.

And any of you that are familiar with Jan's quilts - she always adds some cut appliques and always adds buttons:

That's it for now... lots more quilts to come!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Twelve Days of Baltimore - laser-cut style!

I know, you are all familiar with the beautiful Baltimore quilts by Pearl Pereira, right?  Well there are a series of three laser-cut applique kits featuring fabrics from RJR that will be debuting at Spring Market.  Pretty cool!  The best part, I get to quilt these three beauties!!  I only have one to share so far, the other two will be finished soon!  I hear from RJR that the kits will be shipping to quilt shops in June -- watch for yours!  All those little pieces - totally prepped for you!

So here is the beautiful Twelve Days of Baltimore:

And some detail photos:

See all those pieces -- now they will be laser-cut goodness!  Make sure to look for them at Spring Market or your local quilt shops!!

I'll be posting the other two quilts in the series as I complete them - stay tuned!

Oh!!!  Almost forgot to share the black light info...  If you follow on Facebook you'll remember I was talking about the black light on my Gammill -- awesomeness when quilting with white thread on white fabric.  Check this out:

Regular lighting - really hard to see the thread on that beautiful fabric right?

 With the black light on - wow!  Totally makes a difference, at least for these old eyes!

Don't forget to check back to see the other two quilts in the series!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Jeanna's Quilt

Jeanna made this quilt for her daughter's graduation -- it is beautiful!  I don't know the pattern name, but due to a million people asking me I researched it just a bit - I didn't find the pattern, but I did find the block (in another setting) on Moda Bake Shop.  It is an awesome block - so simple yet so effective - two four patches and two half-squares, genius!  If anyone knows the actual pattern name, please feel free to comment, thanks!

Anyway, here are the pictures, I know that's what you were all waiting for:

And she even made three shams to match:

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sally's Beauties

Sally has been patiently waiting for these two beautiful quilts to get finished.

First we have Tree of Life (pattern by The Rabbit Factory).  This is a super cute one - get ready for some eye candy - I just love the way it turned out!

And then we have Home Sweet Home (pattern by Blackbird Designs).  Another fantastic quilt!  I have a few more pictures of this one:

And the early morning light is almost as good as later afternoon sun for photo-taking:

And, if I had to live in a fabric house, I'd definitely want my door to look like this:

Hope you enjoyed these beauties, and hopefully Sally will love them as well!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Client Work - February

I'm here in a perpetual state of catch-up... I guess it's okay to be catching up as it means I'm busy, because busy is much better than not busy.

Here are three quilts by Deirdre:

The first one is A River Runs Through It -- now Deirdre tells me that no one likes this quilt.  I must be crazy because I think it's really cool!  What about you?

And then we have Barn and Farm Seasons -- a super cute quilt!  Four barns done in each season.

And then we have Fire Grate -- I think this is her third or fourth fire series quilt?  I'm not sure, but there have been a few, all of which are amazing!

I still have one more to finish for her, but I've been crazy busy/looney in other areas of life and also had a little bit of creative-delay.

No worries, as soon as it's finished I'll be sharing it!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

PSLCQ 2014 Quilt Show

I haven't been over here much... I've been crazy insane busy preparing for my guilds biennial quilt show.  I know, my client work has suffered, but I also realize that I have the most amazing clients and they understand that there is only one me and I often get pulled in various directions, but in the end it works out for all of us!  Here's a link to the guild website show page, eventually pictures will be there (another of my duties).

With that said, let me share some of the posts from my personal blog, feel free to check them all out or just a couple -- it's not too bad, there's only three days!

Day 1 -

Day 2 -

Day 3 -

Go check it out -- fun and amazement abound!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Some catch up and awesomeness

All quiet on the homefront... no, I lie.  It's crazy over here in my world, utterly insane.  But, I'm still going to try to catch all you wonderful quilties up on what's going on over here.

We'll start with Liz's Patriots in Petticoats (a BOM by Windham Fabrics) -

And then we have Linda's Americana stars/stripes quilt.  I'm sorry, but I don't know the name of this pattern (if any)  -

As well as the client quilts I've been working on a few of my own things, you can always keep up with that on my other blog, Crooked Stitches.

And some BIG news, really BIG... back in November I filmed a segment for The Quilt Show with Alex and Ricky! Awesome right?!!

Anyway, I found out it is supposed to air in March (Episode 1406)!!  Don't worry - I'll definitely have more details soon!  Oh, and on Christmas Eve I just happened to notice my pic in The Quilt Show Newsletter - more awesomeness!

If you're a member, make sure to watch, if you're not, you might want to think about signing up -- major coolness and full of really cool quilty stuff!

Oh, and I can't forget about my guilds quilt show -- it's next week!!!!  Wow, getting everything ready for that is part of my craziness.  If you're anywhere near, please make an effort to attend the show -- some amazing quilts and great vendors -- oh and that wonderful raffle quilt -- I've got my tickets!!

Stay tuned here as well as the other blog for loads of quilty goodness!  Oh, and I'll have more client work real soon, I know, I've been seriously slacking due to all this other amazingness!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Long overdue...

Long overdue?  More like seriously overdue!  I just sat down long enough to realize that I was overdue in sharing with all you wonderful peeps.  Then I looked to see how long it had been... imagine my shock when I realized it was September when I last shared  the quilting I did on some beautiful client quilts.  So I'd say it is an understatement when I say this is going to be a long post, very long.  Not many words, but be assured there will be loads of pictures!

Nancy had this awesome quilt and she really wanted butterflies on it.  Her original idea was for me to stitch butterflies in the border.  Well... it was a print, so you really wouldn't see them as well as my idea, which was to put the butterflies in the background of the blocks - super cuteness!

And then there was Denise's Merry Christmas quilt (pattern by Amy Bradley Designs).

More awesomeness happened on Debbie's Lone Starburst quilt (pattern by Kimberly Einmo)

Hey, I think by the looks of these quilts there is a possibility of it being Christmas time... hah, maybe that's why I waited so long to post.  Here is Marie's Merry Christmas quilt in the nutcracker version (pattern by Amy Bradley Designs).  Oh, and also a peek at the black light on the Gammill -- yep, white thread on white print fabric is really hard on the eyes - until you flip on that awesome light - fun huh?!!

And then on to Kim's Sunflower Illusions quilt (pattern by Judy Niemeyer - Quiltworx).  This quilt was a lot of fun - so full of energy!


And then Jan's Generals' Wives quilt (a BOM by Windham Fabrics)

And then on to Carol's quilts.  She had two -- the first was Vintage Valentine (pattern by Verna Mosquera - The Vintage Spool).  This quilt turned out spectacular!

And then Carol's second quilt - Baltimore Country Cousins (pattern by Susan McKelvey)

And then finally, just last week, I finished Billy's various wall hangings (patterns by McKenna Ryan - Pine Needles).

And there you have it!  Over two months of client quilts.  A lot of other things happened during those couple months that I'm sharing on my personal blog.  Check it out in the next week or so, once I catch up over there!

Happy Quilting - I'll be posting again soon, I promise!