Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Carol's French 101 (and a little MQS)

I've finished Carol's French 101 quilt and it is a super cute one!

And some close-up pics:

And  the back:

Now to squeeze in two light custom quilts for Judy before I leave for MQS.  Yes, MQS is two weeks away.   There's still some room in my classes -- check them out here.

Oh, and you won't want to miss the Audacious Auction this year.  As it is their 20th Anniversary, several of the teachers have gotten together and made blocks for a special auction piece.  Gina Perkes will be piecing all the blocks as well as quilting it -- it's going to be amazing!  You might not want to miss this!!

Here's my block:

And here's a peek at what Gina is doing with the blocks.  I can't wait to see this piece finished!!
photo by Gina Perkes/The Copper Needle
Hope to see you at MQS!!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Leslie's Flower Garden

So back in mid-March, I was working on a super cute quilt for Leslie of Keystone Quilts. I wasn't able to share it as it was a quilt for her booth at the Manitoba Prairie Quilters Quilt Reflections show. If you follow along on Facebook, you might remember seeing this picture of her beautiful hand-dyed backing fabric.

I also shared this close-up pic -- you know me and sharing, I just can't help myself!

Well, lucky for all of you, the show was last weekend so now I can share the entire quilt!  The color is a little off in this picture -- I don't know, the camera (wouldn't be the first one I've killed), the sun (does strange things in the spring), I don't know... something?!!

And here are a bunch of close-ups:

And, of course, a peek at the back:

For those of you that might be curious, the pattern is Flower Garden by Schlosser Designs.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Kathryn's quilt

This morning I finished Kathryn's quilt - isn't it a beauty! I know the sun is a little too bright but you can see most of the designs. I couldn't wait for afternoon light as it needed to get to the post office today and they close early.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Carol's Le Jardin

And I managed to totally stay on schedule this week... well, kinda.  I try to take Fridays off, but since I lost that day earlier in the week to a storm, I worked tonight.  But I finished Carol's second quilt - it's another cute one!  The pattern is Le Jardin (again by Bunny Hill Designs).

Some detail pics:

And a couple pics of the back:

That's it for this week -- I might actually get some of my own stitching in over the weekend!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Carol's ABCs of Life

Tonight I finished Carol's ABCs of Life quilt, pattern by Bunny Hill Designs.  As always, I wish I had better pictures, but it is late (I am tired).  This is such a happy quilt!

And here's a few of the in-process ones (you may have seen these on my Facebook page):

So tomorrow I start on another of Carol's quilts -- also a Bunny Hill Designs pattern.  Make sure you check back in a few days for that one!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tracie's Stars for a New Day

And I have finally finished!  Tracie's Stars for a New Day is done. The pattern, designed by Sue Garman, was a block of the month from The Quilt Show back in 2009. 

If you've been following along on the CLQ Facebook page, you'll know I have been suffering from one of the cruddiest colds ever. It feels like it has been over a month already!  Anyway, suffering from the cold had really slowed down my quilting. I would be stitching along and have to stop for sniffling duties. If felt like I was stopping every twenty minutes. Needless to say, it really put a damper on my schedule.  Okay, enough jibber-jabber about me, I know you're all waiting for pics, so here they are:

And, of course, the back:

Friday, February 26, 2016

Basting a Quilt Top Square!!

Remember awhile ago I said I'd be sharing how I baste quilt tops to keep (make) them square?  Well, I made a great slideshow but it had a couple of glitches.  Anyway, all those little glitches have been fixed and you can now view it as a blog post over on the Gammill Quilting blog (or click the image below for a direct link).

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Bonnie's Bargello

It's February, and as the Facebook "On This Day" notifier keeps reminding me means it is time for my annual cruddy cold.  I was blessed with this nastiness Friday evening, so I only managed a couple of hours of quilting over the weekend.  That was enough, the rest of my time was spent napping, consuming vast amounts of hot soup, and chugging NyQuil; repeat.

Today is Tuesday, and I'm feeling a wee bit better (enough to head up to the AQS Daytona show tomorrow), and I finished Bonnie's quilt!  My schedule is only a few days behind so it's all good (it could be worse).

So here it is (again, not the best pics):

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Bonnie's Wildflowers Quilt

I just finished teaching back-to-back so I haven't quilted in a while. A long while, like a month. That's a long time for me!  Life has returned to normal (at least for a few weeks) and I'm trying to catch-up on client work.

Here is Bonnie's Wildflower quilt (pattern by Smith Street designs):

A detail pic:

And a peek at the back:

Sorry about the awful pics. The lighting wasn't the greatest and my studio is a disaster. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Catch up... yes, its been too long!

It's been over a month since my last blog post (kinda sounds like going to confession, huh?). Although I haven't posted a lot has been going on.

I guess I'll start with the fantastic news that one of my clients won Best of Show -- a giant congratulation to her! Remember Claudia's Three of a Kind quilt (pictured to the left) that I quilted back in July - you can read here. Not only did she win Best of Show, but also made the front page of the newspaper - pretty cool!! And, the show awards two ribbons, so here's a peek at new pretties for my wall and a close up of Claudia's photo:

I worked on a quilt for Esta - she calls it her flying geese quilt:

Had some great family time -- and caught some amazing fish!!

And we went to the World Quilt Show - Florida Competition (Mancuso).  This year they moved from West Palm up to Orlando. It was a great day with my Journeys Thru Art group. I took some pics of my favorites - that will have to be another post. Here is a picture of me with Just the Two of Us - sorry about the awful lighting, goofy face, and strange sort of cell phone blur going on:

And then there was Ellen's Chinese Coin quilt... this quilt had some border issues. Not to worry, I fixed it - soon I'll share a slideshow of how I corrected the issues (I'll be sure to share it when it is available).

So here are the finished pics of Ellen's quilt:

Now I'll share the before and after pictures of the problem border.

And I've been busy preparing for two upcoming teaching events - updating class handouts, writing new ones, ordering supplies, and preparing kits.  This is the first time I'm teaching back-to-back and I think it's taking its toll... I am wiped out just in preparations! I would rather be teaching and sharing with all the students than the kits and paperwork part -- creativity is way better than paperwork!

Next week I'll be teaching at the East Coast Gammill/Statler Conference, and the following week I'll be teaching at the PSL Crazy Quilters Biennial Show.  You can follow my teaching events on the Workshops page of my website, or click here.  I can't wait to see & catch up with some of my quilty peeps and, of course, hope to meet a few new ones too!