Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Jane's Crazy Baskets

Here is Jane's Basket Crazies (pattern by The Buggy Barn) - a super cute quilt!

And the border - fun whimsy feathers with some scrollies thrown in the mix:

So ditching around the stars and baskets with some fun loopies in the block background.  And can't forget my favorite scrollies in the sashings:

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hurry up and wait...

Thursday I started Sallie's quilt with every intention of having it finished for Saturday morning (just before Sallie was leaving for vacation).  Well... when things go wrong it usually ruins the plan.  And something went wrong.  No, nothing tragic, just me.  I was quilting along and it happened.  That moment when you know something isn't quite right, you're possibly making a mistake so you hestitate. You might even stop like I did, look at the quilt and say to yourself, no, it'll work out fine, just keep going.  Yes, that moment.  It happened. I kept going.  I finished almost the first half of the quilt.  I went to roll forward and BAM it hit me... the mistake.  There is was bigger than day.  None of the lines I was quilting would line up, not one.  Ahhhhhh!!!  I should have stopped and listened to that voice in my head -- the one that knew this was going to happen!  It was then that I stopped quilting, released the tension on the quilt and started ripping...

So we'll fast forward to yesterday at around 2:30.  Yes, yesterday was Saturday!  I finally finished ripping out all the wrong stitching.  I was ready to get quilting and get this done for Sallie to take with her on vacation to show all her Michigan quilties.  I start quilting, maybe a half hours worth and then, BOOM... thunder.  Of course, it's the rainy season, every afternoon is thunder, lightning, and torrential rain.  With my history I don't even try to quilt.  It all gets unplugged and waiting happens.

It's now Sunday, it's also my wedding anniversary, I woke up super early and started stitching away.  I was going to finish this quilt before Sallie left!  I had about an hour left to finish when BOOM... again! Of course, its the rainy season -- I check the radar and we're under a giant red blob.  The good news is there is a big break between the blob that's above us and the next blob that is on the way!  So I wait for that break between blobs, and I finish!

So here is Sallie's quilt:

Beautiful isn't it?  But, this story isn't quite finished.  I called Sallie to let her know it was done and she had just left.  I missed her by minutes!  Noooooo.........

Fate, it is an amazing thing.  Sallie just  happened to have forgotten something, returned home, and got my message.  She ran over and picked it up on her way up north.  You've really gotta love when things work out!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tuxedo Cats

I've been so busy in my little world I almost forgot to post the pictures of Jan's Tuxedo Cats quilt.  

This is a super cute quilt.  My quilting is just simple as most of the stitches disappear into the wool.  I'm also posting detail pics as I'm sure you will truly enjoy Jan's embroidery work.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tere's Log Cabin

Tonight, after multiple storm delays, I finally managed to finish Tere's quilt.  It is the Spring Log Cabin (Kaffe Fassett) and it turned out super cute!

And a detail pic:

Large feathers in the pink areas and scrollies and squiggles in the yellow areas -- fun and cuteness! This gets shipped off to Tere tomorrow -- hope she likes it!

Next up is Jan's Tuxedo Cats.  It is all wool -- I can't wait!  Some of you might remember when Jan did the wool bunnies quilt, if not, check it out - it was one of my favorites - so much going on and such fun.  I have a feeling the Tuxedo Cats might just be another favorite!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Donna's quilt and some upcoming...

Yesterday I managed to finish Donna's scrappy quilt.  I'm not sure of the pattern, but it sure was a super cute one!

Some swirls, ribbon stitching, and squiggly piano keys - just what it needed!

Up next on the frame is a log cabin in Kaffe Fassett fabrics by Tere - thinking lots of feathers, ruler work,and maybe some swirls (you know how much I love them).

Then a wool kitty quilt by Jan.  For those that don't remember, Jan did a wool bunny quilt back in 2010 that was awesome.  If you get a chance, check it out here.  Can't wait to quilt this one!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Wendy's Red & White Quilt

I finally finished Wendy's red & white quilt!  I've had storm delays almost every day -- that's because it's the rainy season and my quilting hours just happen to fall during the storm times.  Either I'll adjust or I'll fall further behind -- I'm hoping to adjust!

The studio is such a mess right now, this is the best full-view picture I could manage:

And some detail:

And the back, of course, you know me and solid backs - fabulous!

What a beautiful quilt, hopefully Wendy will be pleased.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sallie's beauties -

First we have an awesome quilt belonging to Sallie.  It is called Rainy Day (pattern by Laundry Basket Quilts/Edyta Sitar).  This turned out super cute, I love adding free-flowing feathers to just about anything!

And then Sallie had another Edyta Sitar pattern, Friendship Spools (it's from the Friendship Strips & Scraps book).  Again, a super cute quilt:

On this quilt I did a simple looping meander.  The background fabric Sallie chose (which looks like needles and pins) is great -- it is what I call a forgiving fabric.  It doesn't really show the quilting as well as other fabrics - it forgives any mistakes.  This is why I chose to keep it simple here - if you can't really see the quilting, why would you spend hours and charge more money to the client to create it?  Just one of those things I believe...

Anyway, two awesome quilts from an awesome client!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Judith's quilt

And today's little piece of catch-up belongs to Judith.  Super cuteness - I just added some simple yet effective point-to-point quilting.

Now I'm just waiting to hear back on this one - I think I'm supposed to be attaching the binding but I can't remember - the original intake form has been misplaced... shhhh, that's the first one I've ever lost, see, I really am human!

Carl's Crown of Isis

What an awesome quilt!  Here is the full finished picture of Carl's Crown of Isis quilt, pattern is by Deb Karasik.

And here's the detail:

Now, this is like Carl's third quilt.  Seriously!  Apparently he's adventurous when it comes to piecing quilts - he takes the no-fear method, which is great!  But (that darn but)... I really want to share this, because not everyone knows -- pressing your seams is crazy important.  Here's a picture of one of the overlapping seams on Carl's quilt.  I like to call it lazy pressing -- it makes it impossible to stitch-in-the-ditch and can cause some serious difficulties when it comes time to line everything up.

Just think if you were piecing a quilt block, and your seams were overlapping by 1/4", and there were say four seams in that block, by the time you were done with the block it would be 1" smaller.  Just think if there were 6 blocks across -- you can see how things might not line up.  Just a little tidbit of info -- take time and press seams properly, it will help you in the long run.

Not to worry, Carl is on his way to piecing many more quilts I'm sure!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sally's Branches Entwined

See, I told you it would be finished today!  Here are pics of Sally's Branches Entwined (pattern by Sandee Wachal):

Well, the two quilts for Sally get shipped off tomorrow -- hope she absolutely LOVES them!

Lots more client quilts coming... stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mary's Two Quick quilts

I know, you were all expecting to see Sally's other quilt - you will, most probably tomorrow.

I had to squeeze these two quilts in over the weekend for Mary - no worries, I had a wonderful Mother's Day - hopefully you all did as well!

So here are Mary's two super cute quilts -

Update:  So many people asked about the bike quilt that I searched for it.  Yes, I would have asked Mary, but she is traveling.  The pattern is called Stowaways, here is the: link: 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sally's Summer Day Sampler

I started Sally's Summer Day Sampler (pattern by The Rabbit Factory) last week while my Mom was here visiting.  I did manage to work on it here and there, and finally finished it yesterday.  I was going to wait to share it until I had Sally's other quilt finished, but that won't be for a few days - and you all know how impatient I am - that and my serious need to over share...

So here goes - some super cuteness!!

No worries, I'll be sharing Sally's other quilt as soon as it is finished!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another quilt closer to caught-up!

Yes, I have finished another quilt!  Here is Kim's quilt, sorry I don't have the pattern name, but it is a simple two block quilt with some really great fabrics - all it really needed was some nice point-to-point quilting:

And a detail pic:

And, of course, the back: