Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dolls, Giraffes, and Stars... oh my!

Once again I am playing catch-up. No, not in real life, here in blogland. Last week I let you all know about the status of my door challenge, but I neglected to fill you in on my work, the real stuff, you know, money making customer quilts, the ones that help pay the bills. So, here goes:

Jan made another super-adorable paper doll quilt. You might remember her other one was in pinks, if not, click here for the original post. This one is done all in blues and is yet another cutie!

Before she left to go back up north, she left her Giraffe wall hanging triology with me... it is made up with some more of the fabrics she got while in Africa. I love this little three-piece hanging. Jan said she plans on embellishing it and then adding some beaded fringe at the bottom of each piece. I can't wait to see what she does with it!

Hopefully by now Jan has received her quilts and is just thrilled with them! She had already informed me that there are two more quilts coming my way over the summer -- can't wait!

On to the stars... Star Light, Star Bright that is, a pattern by Bits n' Pieces. Let me rephrase, an awesome pattern. I have basted one of these for a home-quilter, and now had the opportunity to quilt one for Margy. This is an awesome quilt... I might have to add this pattern to my arsenal of go-to patterns. The blocks are made up in three different sizes along with some applique fillers and makes up a lovely large quilt! I love the scattered blocks in the border, and Margy made it even bigger by adding an additional outside border - love it!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Door Challenge Update

My door has officially taken to fabric... woohoo! I started with the floor, knowing there was a possibility I wouldn't like the perspective at all once in paint on the fabric... boy, was I wrong. I love how it turned out.

So then I started on the block wall...

Did you even have one of those moments when you sit back and say, no, that's not quite right, I can make this better. And you don't hesitate to think it through, you just run with it... yep, I thought the blocks looked a little *blotchy*, so I grabbed a sponge and some white fabric paint and started sponging thinking this will create just the texture it needs... oh no, what the heck did I just do? The best part, my husband says, "why did you do that?"... I don't know, serious brain fart, self-sabotage, lack of brain cells -- the entire time he's standing there shaking his head I'm thinking oh, no, I'm really going to have to start a new wall?!!

Yes, my block wall now looked as if it was encrusted in sparkly snow... which would've been great if that was the intended look. Ahhh.... a good nights rest far away from the wall is exactly what I need.... and, perhaps a margarita or two!

13 hours later: I wake up, realizing that it looks like snow because I didn't add any depth with darker paints... hallelujah the brain cells were singing. I began correcting my stupidity, and voila, the block wall was born.

So then I pieced the floor to the wall and a quilt is in the process of being born. I think I need to dirty the grout lines a bit more on the left side -- but not too much, we know the right side of this door is used way more than the left!

Just like in real life, no doors yet... kinda like they're on backorder from Lowes! That's it on my door until I get another minute to myself!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

PSLCQ 2012 Raffle Quilt

"Bed of Roses" our remake of the Moss Rose Quilt (1853 Susan Black Stayman). Hand applique by Marian M., Pat N., and Muriel K., trapunto and machine quilting by me, Karen Marchetti. The original quilt is part of the Spencer Collection at the Spencer Museum of Art (University of Kansas). There is also a wonderful write up on Barbara Brackman's blog. If you get a chance, check out these sites, both full of wonderful information!

Originally I had planned on quilting it very similar to the original... until, yep, you guessed, a 3 am wake up to an awesome idea. Apparently I was quilt dreaming - happens way more than I'd like to admit. But sometimes a great idea and a great quilt come together and voilĂ ... beauty is born.

After two weeks of marking, snipping away trapunto batt, quilting, unmarking, aka *working*, this beauty, the PSLCQ Raffle Quilt is quilted! And, let me tell you, it is a beauty! The bad part, tickets are not yet available... I know, I know! As I've mentioned on facebook, I will let everyone know when tickets are available, and will provide all the information on how to go about purchasing them. Until then, here is a picture of the awesome quilt:

Here are some detail photos:

The raffle isn't until our next show, which is February 2012, for more information on PSLCQ and also information about the show, check out their website:

Friday, June 3, 2011

An update on Family and Life... NQR

I've been busy preparing for my son's graduation... yes, finally! The trials and tribulations of grades and GPA's, missed credits from almost forgetten classes, FCAT testing replaced by ACT testing (don't even ask my opinion of the FCAT), along with all the "etc" (my nice word for bs) are all done. My son has graduated. It was an amazing, happy, sad, tearful, and joyful event. He kept telling me, "it's no big deal Mom", I begged to argue with him... as I sat watching him during the ceremony I knew he finally realized, yes, IT IS A BIG DEAL! I am more than proud of him, and love him more than any words can say...