Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sharon's Jingle Quilt

What an awesome quilt I got to stitch on!

Sharon's Jingle Quilt - a BOM from One Piece at a Time (Erin Russek). Sharon did a fantastic job with the hand applique - that always makes my job a little easier. Although this quilt was nothing but easy.  I think it was on the frame almost two weeks - between family visits, a day trip or two, and our almost daily storm shut downs.

If you follow one (or both) of my pages on Facebook, you might have seen this picture.

This is an early morning sunlight through the french doors pic -- one of my very favorite time to snap pics (you can see why). The side light is amazing for showing detailed quilting.

Today was a different day...
Today was the quilt is finished pictures, and no, I didn't manage to take them during the early morning.  Here is the full view, a couple of detail pics, and, of course, the back view: