Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Joey's Quilt... Update

Okay, the blocks are coming along... you know, I'd actually get them done faster if I worked on them. What a concept! Anyway, they are coming along - not as quickly as I'd have hoped - I've only worked on them a few hours since my last post and they weren't continuous hours. I've added a few more fabrics (of course), changed some, pulled one out... you know how this goes. I probably have more fabric than a king size quilt will allow. And I'm only making a healthy queen size! BUT, I found the coolest fabric for the back... it is called Skull-finity -- so perfect for the black and white quilt of a 16 year old!

Here's a pic:

Log Cabin Quilt

Here's a peek at Kathy & Irma's Log Cabin Quilt -- its done with feathers and scrolls, one of my favorites -- Irma really used some great colors on this quilt.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who's sewing...

I may not be getting any quilting done today, but Madeline has made herself at home at my kitchen table! She needed some help with her mitered corners on her PMS (Patch Monthly Sampler-JaM Patch) quilt - I helped with the miters and then she set up shop and went to town. Notice all the lighting she has added to my machine. I'm just here to help I guess... maybe I'll get to work on something later...maybe

Bad Borders...

Sad but true, I have no pics of new quilts to post. Sad because I am waiting on a customer to get back to me regarding how I'm going to fix her quilt. Yes, I am capable of correcting super-wavy borders while still on the frame -- its just I like to get the customers approval before altering their quilt in any way, even if it's for the better.

I am a stickler about quilt borders. There is a "proper" way to attach borders and then there's the "I'm just gonna sew this piece to this piece and it'll be done" way. I bet by this point you can tell what my problem with this quilt is.... yep, its a border, well actually both borders on both sides. Now I'm not going to show you the quilt -- there is no pictoral wall of shame. But, I cannot say enough about properly attaching borders to enough people!!!!! It is one of my pet peeves. It is not that hard, and it does not take that much time, but it does ensure that your quilt will be square and lay flat! All you do is take 3 measurements -- 1 of each side, and 1 down the center. Take the average of these three numbers and cut your side border fabric this measurement. You then mark the center of your side, and the center of your border fabric. Line these marks up, pin the ends and ease the fabric between. Side borders done! Now, on to the top and bottom, take 3 measurements -- 1 of top, 1 of bottom, and 1 across the center! Do the same with marking the center of top, the center of border fabric, line up centers, pin ends, and ease the fabric between. EASY AS PIE, QUILT LIES FLAT! Using this method you can solve most piecing problems throughout your quilt; you can even square up a preprinted panel. Try it -- it takes a little bit longer but it is so worth it in the end! Thanks!

Friday, May 15, 2009

A very special YBR!

Its Yellow Brick Road day again. But this one is extra special, Peggy told me this quilt was made entirely by an 8-year old little boy for his Mother who's going into the hospital. That makes it special... so I stitched a little "love" into it and signed his name:

Hopefully his Mom is doing well and she will enjoy his quilt for years to come!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kit's French Braid Quilt

It's finally done!

The pictures of this quilt don't do it justice. It is absolutely beautiful!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. I, indeed, had another fantastic weekend! On Saturday I found new fabric at the JaM Patch...

This fabric has FL sunset written all over it. I bought it already knowing that it will be a border fabric for a quilt.... perhaps another "sunset" quilt. For those of you that don't know me, I am a photo junkie, especially sunsets.

This photo from 2005 inspired this quilt, "November Sunset":

So I can't wait to see what inspires me for the new border fabric. Perhaps my latest sunset...

This was from friday evening. Around the corner from the house. I must apologize again, did not have the good camera with me, only the phone. What a beautiful sunset peeking from behind that cloud!

Sunday was a wonderful breakfast and then we spent some time poking around the river looking for bait... another great Marchetti family afternoon!

Friday, May 8, 2009

PSL Crazy Quilters new website

Well, Sally, our guild president, and myself have been "crowned" the webmasters for our guilds new website. It had been a "barebones" set up, but the past few days I've been updating it. It's still a "work in progress". I'm waiting on more info and pics to be added. There's a nice slideshow with most quilts from out 2008 Show, go ahead and check it out...

Again, like always, let me know what you think!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Joey's Quilt

Well, I was trying out "faux" cathedral windows and I made a couple of samples. Here I was thinking maybe I'll teach a class in these since they are super easy. Silly me, I showed these sample blocks to my son (very typical teenager) and to my surprise he really liked them. I mean REALLY liked them -- he actually used the words WOW and COOL. So I went and pulled as many black and whites as I could find from my stash, and I took a trip to the JaM Patch (my local quilt shop) and got some more... now I've started yet another quilt. But since these blocks were so well liked by my son, I guess I'll get on this quilt and get it done asap!

Here's a look at the blocks and some of the fabrics:

Friday, May 1, 2009

PSL Crazy Quilters Guild Show Ribbons

Okay, my responsibility as Show Ribbon Committee person is to design the show ribbons... here's the first "prototype" -- I'm not sure I'm liking it as much as I liked the drawing of it. Let me know what you think???

I'm definitely changing the font on the ribbon tail, I might make the logo more square than rectangle... we'll see what happens, who knows, I might even scrap the entire ribbon and start again.