Thursday, December 27, 2018

Kathy's Quilts

The last two quilts of the year are finished.  These two beauties belong to Kathy and I stitched on them using the Elevate.

Here is Kathy's third Nine Patch and Stars in 30s repro fabrics.  This was quilted using Swirls & Feathers design by Judith Kraker.

And here is Kathy's Red White & Blue quilt using Star Spangled Banner design by Karen Farnsworth.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Silvia's Road Less Traveled

Late last night (or maybe the wee hours of today depending on how you look at it) I finished Silvia's Road Less Traveled quilt.  The pattern is Road Trip by Chris Jurd.  I tried to keep the quilting as eclectic as Silvia's many fabric choices!  I know these aren't the best photos - remember, it was late and today's weather is drizzly and grey so this is what we've got!

And since the lighting isn't the best, here are a bunch of detail pics:

In the photo above and below you can see the result of one of my favorite stencils by Jodi Robinson, it's called Circle Pop. 

I also used Gina Perkes-Tidwell's medium June ruler to do the continuous ovals in the curved sashings. 

Aren't these the coolest feathers!  They are in my about-to-be-finished book, Fast Forward Feathers -- watch here for pre-sale and release dates (it'll be very soon)!

And a couple pics of the back:

If you want to see a video of the stitching on this beauty, subscribe to my Patreon account -

Friday, December 7, 2018

Silvia's Quilt

I finished Silvia's Wish Upon a Star quilt (EPP block patterns by Katja Marek).  And no, I didn't trim the batting/backing from this one -- it is easier to attach the binding when there is a bit of an edge left on the quilt.

And some detail pics so you can really see the blocks:

And a peek at the back:

I shared a free video on my Patreon of how I stitched the grey triangles while I was doing the background ditch work- check it out here:

And if you want to see some of the background fill and stitching of blocks, you can subscribe I share lots of stuff over there!