Thursday, July 14, 2016

Build-A-Stitch 2 is done!

Finally, after squeezing in every possible moment to work on it, Build-A-Stitch 2 is finished!  I am so excited to share it with you:

Build-A-Stitch 2 contains 60 new stitches!  Part 2 is set up more as a sourcebook, it is full of stitches -- some of which are a little more complex than the first 20 (Build-A-Stitch). If you haven't tried the Build-A-Stitch technique, you'll probably want to start with Book 1.  For those of you that have already conquered the first twenty stitches, watch out, this book is full of fun (and info too)!  You will have a stockpile of go-to stitches when you're done with Book 2!!

If you want to order, click here or the photo above to be taken to the website store. You can also use the Buy Now option in the right sidebar as well.

Thank you all for wanting more stitches - none of this would be possible without all of you!  Now, on to Book #3!!!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Quilty Catch-up

So last week I finished two quilts for Jan.  I know I'm late in sharing them, and yes, they've already been shipped back.  It's been busy over here - working on the second Build-A-Stitch book, prepping for my next teaching event at Quilt Odyssey, celebrating an anniversary, and doing that dreaded yard work.  The hubby and I have been spending every weekend pulling out giant palms around our pool enclosure.  What a mess - these palms are like bamboo -- just a massive growth - the more we trimmed them the more they grew - and the root system is like an entire universe!  Anyway, it's been lots of work, and no, we're not finished.  So you can understand why I haven't posted these quilts... when we're done work for the day I tend to just collapse.  Okay enough domestic-type stuff - back to quilty wonderfulness.

First is Jan's Harley T's from around the world - I had to share some of the shirts, they were awesome, and such an appropriate backing fabric:

Then was Jan's wool wildlife quilt.  She always does amazing wool applique quilts.  This one is super cute, and a peek at the backing, too!

Super cuteness, huh?  Now to try and squeeze in two light customs before I have to leave for Quilt Odyssey... fingers crossed!