Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Deirdre's fire quilts and a whole lot more!

Recently I was contacted by a new customer, Deirdre (hahaha... I say recently like it was a couple of weeks ago.  In my world recently means months ago). anyway she found me somehow, internet, facebook, friend (I really can't remember) and she had three quilts she wanted to send to me.  We emailed back and forth and while I was in Paducah I received a voicemail from her letting me know she was ready to ship the quilts.  I called her back only to get her voicemail... I left her the appropriate info and explained that I was at the AQS Show in Paducah and would be home in a few days.  Ready.... the reason Deirdre wasn't there to answer my call is because she was on her way to Paducah.  Yep, we met at the show!  How cool is that?!!  She saw first hand my quilting style and we talked and a few days after I got home I received Deirdre's quilts -- no, not three, there were five in the box!  Apparently my quilting really made an impression!

So, we'll start with Barn Fire

And then the second in the series, Barn Burning

Then, the third (but probably not final) in the fire series, Burning the Scraps

Next was Ribbons and Bows

And finally, The Conclave

And I must apologize for not being a better photographer -- thank goodness I'm a good quilter!

I hope you enjoy looking at Deirdre's quilts -- just so you know, she's already sent another three!  Can't wait to quilt and share those as well!