Monday, November 21, 2016

A little catch-up...

It seems that I've been in a perpetual state of catch-up since I was sick with that awful sinus infection.  I have reorganized my schedule twice, and finally, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I should be caught up and back on track before the end of the year!  Yay, relief, it looks like I might actually have weekends again!

Part of being behind is my failure to post on my blogs as much as I'd like.  I'll work on this in the future so you all won't be out there in cyber-suspense.

First, we'll time-hop back to October.  I was working on a super rush market quilt for RJR Fabrics - these are always hush-hush.  I had shared a sneak peek on my facebook page as I couldn't resist -- these fabrics are amazingly gorgeous!  The photo doesn't really do justice - make sure to visit your LQS and check out this fabric . As most of you know, I'm never able to share the full quilt pics until after market, so here is Star Gazer, in RJR's new digital print line Wildwood Way line.  The quilt was made by Wendy Sheppard - isn't it gorgeous?!!  I enjoyed adding some stitches to such a beauty!

Here is a screenshot (RJR/Instagram) of it hanging in Houston at Fall Market along with RJR's description telling you all about it!

So then, sometime during October (it is all a blur...) I had a studio organization week happen.  It was long overdue and totally required as you couldn't even move in there - and my studio is already single-file only!  Even with behind so far behind, sometimes shut-downs are totally necessary.  Here's a peek at the organized/semi-clean studio:

And a peek at what was the massively disastrous side - the amount of stuff under this table was insane!

Thank goodness for my Momma, she was here visiting and totally keeping me focused and on-track! This major organization is also in part to some big changes happening soon.  I can't wait until I'm able to share them with you -- be patient, it'll be a little while...

I managed to finish this beautiful Baltimore Album for Priscilla -- isn't it beautiful!!

Of course, the lighting wasn't perfect -- isn't it always like that, too much sun, not enough sun, too many clouds, etc.  Here are a couple pics of the back:

I think that's about it (I'm sure I'm forgetting something) - more soon!