Thursday, July 29, 2021

Some quilty catch-up

 It's been awhile since I've posted so grab a cuppa and let's catch up!

Diane's Roses Gathering Basket
Diane does the most beautiful hand applique ever!  And she almost always leaves me tons of open background to stitch.  I used my Edges marking rulers for the framework - over on my Patreon you can see the marking (subscription required) and the quilting (subscription required).

A couple pieces for Jan
First was this super cute wall hanging

And then this super snuggly flannel with all over loopies

Peggy's quilts
Peggy had several quilts saved up.  The first was a finish... she had started the quilt on her domestic and just couldn't finish the borders so this one went super quick

Next was an E2E - Four Patches and Friends/Open a Can of Worms.  I used my KM_Flourish02_e2e pattern.

Then was her Asian Big Block floral. I used my Frippery_03_km pattern.

And then another custom, this beautiful Tennessee Waltz

I think that brings us up to date... if I forgot anything I'll make sure to post it soon!