Monday, November 27, 2017

Weekly finishes...

So I've been quilting up a storm with my Elevate by Gammill - its been a blast so far!

Here are vintage twin quilts for my client Dot - she's thinking they are at least 50-60 years old.  Now they'll be like new on her guest room beds.

Did you know that having a computerized system is kinda like an employee?  You get so much more done!  I've also managed to finish up two of my older pieces.

This charm quilt is old, I'm thinking from around 2004, back when I worked at the quilt shop.  I really love this quilt - it is one piece of every fabric that came into the shop that year.  I remember many of them!  Now, all it needs is some binding.

And I finally finished this cute Halloween table topper - a simple rail fence created (years ago) from a jelly roll.

Lots more to come on the edge-to-edge side of my world...

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