Friday, August 7, 2009

Sheila's Circles

Here is Sheila's Circle Quilt. Another beautiful one...

I think she has inspired me to finish my sister's quilt, something about all the circles... long funny story, here's the shortest I can get it... anyway after quilting 3 Onion quilts, I just had to make one for me (of course -- if you don't know this about me, I must piece a quilt just like every single one I quilt - it is the BAD side of being a longarm quilter). Another thing you might not know is that I MUST make everything bigger. So, I pieced a king size Onion quilt. And I figured this would be a great quilt for my son... he hates onions... great pun! Anyway.............. yep, its coming........... he hated it! AHHHHHH, turns out okay though -- my sister LOVED it, which is strange because it is all my colors, browns, greens, beiges. And since I hadn't yet made a quilt for her, this worked out great. Except I have a problem finishing my own things (like you didn't figure that one out yet!) I have still not quilted it -- its been pieced since January of 2008 -- the backing is cut and pieced, the binding is cut, pieced, and pressed... still not quilted. BRAINSTORM.... my Mom will be arriving for her summer visit on Sunday. I have decided that I will quilt my sisters quilt this weekend so that it can go back up north with my Mom! Besides, I always work much better with deadlines, and I think it might make my sister really happy to get a quilt! Okay off to quilt my weekend away! Hope it turns out great.....

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