Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vivian's Mystery Star

I recently had the honor of quilting for Vivian, owner of Quilters' Choice in Jupiter, FL.  For me, this is a big honor because they have their own Gammill... see, pretty special for me to do quilting for them.  So, what did I quilt?  A Mystery Star wall hanging (Kaye England).  The best part, there is a possibility it will be included in Kaye's newest book, which is due out in July.  It's only a possibility, but if chosen, it'll be my first publication of work on a customer's quilt.  Pretty exciting, if it's not chosen, it is still good, because it turned out awesome!  Here it is...

Vivian used some really great colors, of course, photos never do justice.  Keep your fingers crossed that it gets into the book!  I'll let you all know as soon as I know!

And to all the quilty Mom's out there, Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Hope it happens! great quilting!

  2. Now that's right purdy ma'am! I don't know what Kaye is up to these days. I like this quilt! And good luck! That would be pretty awesome, like seeing your name in lights! :)

  3. Oh Yes, I know that class with Vivian! Fell in love with the pattern and I bet it goes in the book!

  4. What a beautiful quilt, and your quilting on it is gorgeous! Love the graceful loop-de-loops!

  5. Love those loops Karen, your quilting really suits this top.


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