Saturday, December 16, 2017

Nancy's Onion blooms

Being sick stinks, and I've had this cruddy cold for too many days now.  One of the perks of the Elevate is that it works for me.... ahhhh.  Well, kind of, I still need to check on it and make sure nothing is going crazy, as well as advance the quilt after each row, but let me tell you - this is the way to quilt when you're sick!

I did this beauty for Nancy - it's a modified Red Onion quilt pattern (Karla Alexander - Stack a New Deck).   Nancy added sashing and cornerstones.  I know this because we worked on our quilts together... and no, mine still isn't finished.  Mine is sitting nicely in a project box just waiting for all the blocks to be squared up and sewn into rows.  Yeah, not happening anytime soon.

So back to Nancy's quilt -- she wanted all over circles so I used AborigRE2E by Stitch Happy.

I think it turned out awesome.  Oh and on the E2E homefront, I've been designing a few of my own patterns... more about that a little later.

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