Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Meet me in Virginia...

Yes, I'm getting super excited about my upcoming trip to Virginia.  I'll be teaching at the Mid-Atlantic Gammill Training Center in Phenix.  I'm hoping the weather gets a wee bit cooler - I'm hearing it's almost the same weather as here right now... no, I want fall!

I'll tell you all about my classes in a second but, first I want to share the awesomeness.  Each class is limited to only 8 people.  Each person will get full use of their own machine - no sharing which is super awesome, right?  The only downside to small class sizes is they fill fast -- if you're thinking about signing up you'll probably want to hurry.

Now, on to the class fun stuff -

The Creative Process - full day class
Have you ever wanted to create your own design?  In this class, you are going to design your own original mini wholecloth and then stitch it out!  Yes, designing a quilt is not as difficult as you thought - and you don't even have to know how to draw!  Just a little guidance and some creativity and you'll soon be on your way to designing many original quilts!  This process can be used to create both applique and wholecloth designs.

If you've been following me you've probably seen these quilts - these were all created using this technique!
Wonderlust by Karen Marchetti

Stella Luminosa by Karen Marchetti

Iron Acanthus by Karen Marchetti

Jokers Jest by Karen Marchetti

Sidewalk Chalk by Karen Marchetti
And here's a little surprise - if you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen a couple of peeks of my latest competition piece.  Guess what?  I'll have it with me (to work on) and it too was created using this technique - you'll be the very first ones to see it (well, if you're in class)!

Pop Those Lines - full day class
Using rulers and some background fills on a custom-printed panel, you'll learn how to make your ruler work pop!  You'll take basic ruler work to the next level.

So there they are - two totally different classes.  One is totally right brain and the other kinda left brain! 

Remember, there are only a few spots left in the classes - hope to see you there!

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