Friday, July 8, 2011

Pattern with no name...

I had been working on some "smaller" patterns to offer for sale and doodled this up...

Well really I doodled it on paper first, then mirror imaged it, then put it on fabric, but you get the idea!

Super cute huh? So better than to keep it as a sample, I decided that I would use this as the Raffle table runner for MCQG since I had signed up as the raffle-maker for August. Pretty cool, but, it turned out so nicely and so many people liked it that I will definitely use it as a pattern and will have to make up another one for myself/sample.

So, I loaded it stitched my trapunto areas and spent the afternoon snipping away (thank goodness it was only a table runner). Then I got the bright idea to do shadow trapunto... hmmm, lime green or purple?

Purple wins, mainly because Vicki YELLED - lol (joke, FB followers will understand).

Started on the background quilting, and no, you really can't tell that there is purple back there. It kinda looks like a dull blah gray, which is okay, it is still beautiful and only we know it was purple, and we don't have to tell anyone!

Finished the quilting, cut to a beautiful shape, and binding is on (hand stitched, of course)... Happy August Raffle to the members of MCQG -- hope I (oops) you win! So to all you MCQG Members -- make sure you're at the August meeting!!


  1. So, so pretty Karen!! I don't wanna grow up, but if I do... I want to be you when I grow up! =]

  2. This is really beautiful, Karen! It's nice to see you can do small stuff, too! Ha! Ha!


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