Thursday, August 12, 2010

Long overdue...

Wow, it has been almost three weeks since my last post. I knew I was overdue for a post, but never realized it had been that long. So very sorry to my blogger fans, that was extremely rude of me.

Okay, a quick summary of customer quilts would go like this...
Jeri's "Grandmother's House" -- super cute!

Jeri's Santa Sampler -- another super cutie!!

Darlene's star quilt (it reminds me of summer and watermelons).
Penny's two Baltimore Halloween quilts.

Yes, I know... the studio walls have been painted... the details are coming in another post!

Mary's Feathered Goose -- an awesome pattern by Judy Niemeyer

Ruth's Baltimore Album (raffle quilt for the Blandford, MA fair)

Okay... that sums up almost everything. I say almost because I will have a separate post on another "bad border" quilt, a separate post on my latest machine dilemma, and also on my studio redo. I didn't want to overwhelm everyone -- LOL, no posts for three weeks and then bam! For those of you that follow on facebook this is all old news. But for those that don't I will soon be back to my normal posting schedule. Thanks for bearing with me!

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