Friday, July 23, 2010

Feathered Floral Fun

It's all finished - even the binding! This was a super quick quilt I made for Fil-Tec using Glide Thread and Magna-Glide bobbins. I made it for use in their booth at shows to let people see how beautiful the thread is and how it helps quilting to pop. I had a great time with this quilt -- its about 51x54. I just wish I could have spent just a little more time on it! All these amazing ideas popped up into my brain after I've started quilting it. It's like oh, I should have done this and I should have added this here... oh well, they will have to wait until the next quilt!
I got my inspiration for this quilt from Mary's wall hanging -- Thanks Mary! I just changed the flower style and added some additional flowers in smaller sizes and then quilted away -- exactly the same, just different!


  1. Beautiful!! I've got to try that thread-I keep hearing lots of good things about it!

  2. Very wonderful beautiful one the pinning !!
    I like it very much free pinning !
    For you nice your work cleared up is wonderful!!

  3. I love using Fil-Tec Glide, and I love the finished quilts. Your quilt is a lovely creation, and inspiring, and I hope I'll get to see it in person some day.


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