Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Studio Redo...

Who knew that in a mere five years one could accumulate so much... Yes, I must admit, I am a collector. No, not anything in particular... I just collect! I am about to share pictures with you of an awful mess -- those who are neat freaks and/or offended with messy chaos should turn away.

The studio redo all started with a request for extra lighting. Perhaps I should start with... a five year old request for extra lighting. Oh, and by the way, my husband is an electrician. That would explain the five year wait right? Yep, shoemaker's kids never have shoes and electrician's wife quilts in the dark! Until now...

I do have to mention that since installing the lights the fan has requested a raise. The high-hat lights add just a wee bit of extra heat along with the extra light; so the fan runs just a little faster than normal now.

Okay, on to bigger and better adventures. Next is the true mess. Joe decided that since the room was in total disarray why not paint! Why not? Did you know that when you paint everything (yes, everything - even things you didn't know you had) must get piled up somewhere?

I am truly a disorganized pack-rat (and yes I can admit that I have a problem). What most don't know is that between the disorganization and my ADD I actually have mini panic attacks when attempting to organize anything. I hate the part of making a bigger mess while trying to minimize the original mess. This entire process was very difficult for me and thank goodness for my Mom (aka the Organizing Saint). She spent her entire visit here helping me re-find my studio!

Here we have some of my sample stitches, my mermaid, and most of the ribbons back up on the wall. I'm still missing a few ribbons and I also have to get my magazine interview up there. But other than that it's returning to normal.

My awesome husband made me custom thread racks to fit various sizes of thread along with a ruler hanging rack because I am always losing my rulers.

And here is the entire room

It still needs little bits of organizing and the curtains for the french doors are in-process (LOL), but it has come miles and miles in a very short time!


  1. Congrats! Love the thread racks!

  2. Wow, you've given me some great ideas. Hubby going to let me turn the cottage into my studio and right now (with all the room---eek!) I'm having "heart failure" on how to design it. currently I'm in a spare bedroom in the main house!

  3. How fun! Great job & Congratulations! I just love the paint choice and your ceiling fan, too! Lucky you!

  4. I love your studio! That fan is gorgeous! I need overhead lighting in my sewing room too...I have none. No electrician could make it into my room though. its way messier than yours is! :)


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