Saturday, May 1, 2010

No new eyes and Shay's Wheel being started!

My newest find still hasn't arrived (my Restaurant Readers). I received an email stating that my color choice (shiny brown) weren't available at this time in the power I ordered. Not knowing how long the back order wait would be, I decided to go with the shiny black in the correct power. At this point I just want them to arrive so that I can start using them -- I am willing to sacrifice my original color choice.

On the quilting side of life... I have started Shay's Wheel of Mystery quilt. Shay choose many shades of turquoise with a deep brown. I love her careful color placement, it created an awesome hidden border. It was just screaming for me to do something different in there... so I did! Here is a peek -- more pics to follow once it's done.

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