Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I can see clearly now

or as soon as my latest find arrives at my doorstep! Aging sucks, we all know this, but my need for reading glasses along with not enough light is getting worse by the minute... not year. Okay, this is basically the problem of every woman over 40 right so why do I feel the need to share such problems with you, my wonderful blogger fans, because I have found a solution!

In yesterday's mail I received my latest issue of On Track magazine ( and what did I find... one of Linda Thielfoldt's "finds" -- they are called restaurant readers -- what an amazing concept! Reading glasses with tiny little LED lights built in. Check them out here -- I can not wait until mine get here... the suspense just may kill me. Thank you Linda and IMQA for all your wonderful little gadget finds.
Here's the pair I ordered and I am so excited! I know, its the little things that amaze me - haha! But I need to wear my readers while I'm quilting and I am forever needing "more" light -- now I have the perfect solution! And the more I think about them, the more uses I am finding... I can now bind in the dark while the family watches tv -- no more annoying everyone with the operating room overhead lights! I won't have to wait until high noon sitting next to the kitchen window to pick out tiny "mistake" stitches. Oh, give me time and I'll come up with so many more uses... until then I'm waiting so very impatiently!

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