Sunday, May 2, 2010

No longer a mystery...

Shay's Wheel of Mystery quilt is complete. WOW, it is such a stunning quilt -- the colors, placement of the colors, and quilting make this quilt an all around winner in my book. I really love this quilt. I love how Shay "hid" some borders and you really don't see them at first glance. I chose to only make the first one stand out -- I wanted to keep the other hidden border set in with the background. It takes several sweeps of the eye to notice everything in this quilt.

One day I'll finish my scrappy Wheel of Mystery wall hanging -- it is a kit consisting of many pre-cut batiks. Even if I quilt the heck out of it, it just won't have the pizazz that Shay's quilt does. See blogger fans, once again we are shown about the importance of color placement!

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