Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Virtual Field Trip!!!

Today I found a super fun site -- and it is actually QUILTING related! Can you believe it, I almost couldn't and I "wasted" my lunch goofing around creating all kinds of quilts. It is the called the Patchwork Pattern Maker and it is part of the website of the Victoria and Albert Museum (great site by the way). So, let me explain... you upload a picture (any picture) and then go through some simple choices like number of colors and number of blocks, and you get a layout grid for a quilt of the picture you just uploaded. The program allows you to print out and/or download the grid and color chart. WOW, oodles of fun and loads of amusement. And even some awesome quilts if you start and finish (hehe) them!

Here is one of the "quilts" I created -- original picture and then grid layout --

And here's another one --

Make sure you check out the websites! I can see so many fun uses -- hope you can too!

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