Friday, April 2, 2010


Wow! I am finally getting closer to finishing Oliver! This was my project from the week-long Art Quilt Design & Construction retreat with Sharon Schamber. Okay it was back in September of 2009 and I worked on it periodically from then thru December. But I recently picked it back up determined to get it done!

I spent the other day shading the remainder of the background and tacking down all the pieces. Then I began the invisible applique around all those pieces. It's really getting exciting now. I'm almost done with the "construction" part. Now I can sit down with some micron pens for the fine-tiny details of the feathers. That is so my cup of tea... quiet time for detail doodling puts me into the zone! THEN... the quilting... my other favorite cup of tea - LOL! I CAN'T WAIT!!! I'm already thinking about what background fills I'm going to use and then the birch bark.. utoh, here comes the drool (and that's only thinking about it). Then the feathers, creating the depth and dimension of each feather... again, I can't wait! I am so very excited to be coming to the end of the construction part of this project. The quilting part is going to be another amazing time and I truly can't wait -- I know, I have said this numerous times already -- but Oliver will truly come to life once I start quilting him! Until then, you can check out these older posts which led to the point we are now -- Oliver has been a long time in the making!

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