Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sharon Schamber Retreat Day 5

I know, I'm still running a day behind on my posts...
It has been an amazing, eye-opening, awe-inspiring week! WOW! I consider myself an artist, in many forms; but, my experiences this week have been amazing. I have learned to paint again -- through different eyes. Sharon's techniques of fabric manipulation are amazing (get used to it, there's no other word that fits). She truly looks at something impossible and makes it totally possible! She breaks any project down into understandable and achievable steps. If you can think it, she can show you how to make it! She is truly a gifted teacher and a very special person! On that note, here are some pictures:

Here is our fantastic host Amy (, the wonderful Sharon Schamber ( or , and myself!

My owl on Day 5.

And here are some pics of the other ladies enjoying the retreat:

And here is Sharon at work creating life on fabric:

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  1. Thanks for the great pics. I am so jealous and amazed at everyone's work. can't wait to see them continue. Margy


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