Saturday, September 5, 2009

On Monday I begin my week-long Design and Construction Retreat with Sharon Schamber. Wow, I'm finally getting excited (again). I was super excited at first, and then daily life snuck-up on me... I had to prepare for the week, I needed a picture to work from, supplies, work space, etc. So the hubby helped me with all the running around and pulled together all the stuff I was going to need, along with Sharon-specific pressing stations. And I had to continue working on everyone else's beautiful quilts. So during all this running about I started losing my excitement. This morning we took all the items over to Amy's and set-up. So now I actually feel a bit of relief; the preparation part is over and now the creative juices are beginning to flow again!

I chose this photo of an owl in a winter scene. The owl is beautiful yes, but part of me misses snow and winter, and the changing of seasons, which is why I'm stuck on this photo. Originally I had wanted to work from a photo of a fawn with snow on it's face, but I was continually drawn back to this owl... it also helps that both the family and Sharon like it too!

Hopefully my creative genius will show its beautiful face on Monday and this owl will slowly come to life. Keep checking back for posts, I'll keep you in on everything I'm doing!

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