Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Controversial Billboard

Here's a link to one of our local news channels. Joe and I snapped some pictures last night of a very controversial billboard... of course, the billboard was in today's paper and all over tonight's news. After watching tonights news, we felt compelled to share the photos -- when we took the pics we only thought wow, that sums up all the "tax stuff" going on here -- we did not realize how controversial these billboards would be. We submitted pictures of both sides of the billboard to one of our news channels and they did use one -- http://www.wptv.com/content/news/stlucie/portstlucie/story/port-st-lucie-billboard-crime-up-layoffs-wptv/RxjM6sdlHk6H30hLxqo0aA.cspx

p.s. we'll keep our eyes open for the Thank You billboard also and we'll make sure to share it!


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