Sunday, August 14, 2011

Door Challenge - update

No, it is no where near done. But, it is much further along than my last post about it.

This morning I started with some thread work, but before I show you that, here's what you've missed -- don't worry, its only about a months worth of work (pictures) - not really, its actually only 8 days of work, and a few evenings here and there. We'll start with the brown muslin fabric that I painted using Shiva paintsticks and also Inktense pencils... okay ready - I HATED IT. Yep, agonized over it from the moment I took the picture. So, I slept on it, and... still hated it in the morning.

Which brings us to our next set of photos. I created a wash with paints, textile medium, and of course, water.

It was getting better, but I was still not happy about my door. Okay, several washes later -- I even added tea bags and coffee to the wash for better staining power, they stain teeth and ruin shirts so they could only help my door -- this is what we had:

Sometimes you learn things as you go right. I already know that I am extremely impatient. So, instead of waiting hours/overnight for the wash to dry I decide to hit it with a hot iron. Funny part -- as long as I slid the iron long-ways down the door it started to create this really cool wood-grain effect. Let me warn you, it also caused an awful smell due to the burning paint and the iron needed to be cleaned after each pull or else little burnt paint balls became fused to the next pull. But, the effect was so worth the stink and cleaning! So I continued to do this throughout the day and following day and my door made it to a happy place where it was loved!

Now, on to the hardware and signage... easy-peasy!

So if you've learned anything about me, you know when things are going good I like to question why, and for some strange reason I attempt to change them. I started thinking that my door was looking more and more like a room. So I went back and forth between these two pictures... even had a facebook poll... four rows of tile or three rows of tile. So the majority of friends and follows chose four rows, I also slept on it and kept telling myself to stick with my original concept. So four rows it is!!!

That brings us to Saturday and the afternoon of invisible applique. It does not go fast, but it does look like its not even there - I guess that's why they call it invisible!

And that brings us to today... thread work!

And that's it... for now!

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