Friday, June 24, 2011

Door Challenge Update

My door has officially taken to fabric... woohoo! I started with the floor, knowing there was a possibility I wouldn't like the perspective at all once in paint on the fabric... boy, was I wrong. I love how it turned out.

So then I started on the block wall...

Did you even have one of those moments when you sit back and say, no, that's not quite right, I can make this better. And you don't hesitate to think it through, you just run with it... yep, I thought the blocks looked a little *blotchy*, so I grabbed a sponge and some white fabric paint and started sponging thinking this will create just the texture it needs... oh no, what the heck did I just do? The best part, my husband says, "why did you do that?"... I don't know, serious brain fart, self-sabotage, lack of brain cells -- the entire time he's standing there shaking his head I'm thinking oh, no, I'm really going to have to start a new wall?!!

Yes, my block wall now looked as if it was encrusted in sparkly snow... which would've been great if that was the intended look. Ahhh.... a good nights rest far away from the wall is exactly what I need.... and, perhaps a margarita or two!

13 hours later: I wake up, realizing that it looks like snow because I didn't add any depth with darker paints... hallelujah the brain cells were singing. I began correcting my stupidity, and voila, the block wall was born.

So then I pieced the floor to the wall and a quilt is in the process of being born. I think I need to dirty the grout lines a bit more on the left side -- but not too much, we know the right side of this door is used way more than the left!

Just like in real life, no doors yet... kinda like they're on backorder from Lowes! That's it on my door until I get another minute to myself!


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