Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BLOG-HOG and neglect

I have once again neglected my blog. NO, not from posting, just from posting my customer's work. I have been a BLOG-HOG... using it only for myself. Crazy you say, but I went back to check and I haven't posted about a customer quilt since July 2! WOW.... so very sorry!

So once again (apparently I'm a repeat offender), you're going to get the super-quick condensed version, with one exception. I will make a separate post about one of the quilts due to the before and after photos. Don't worry, I promise it will be amazingly interesting!

Here we go - it's going to be quick so keep your hands in the car at all times!

Super cute quilt by Donna - not her first quilt, but her first quilt made in Florida!

Lyla's super bright yellow brick road. Lyla thought this was really bright -- I on the other hand LOVE it, it screams happiness and sunshine!

Next we have Mary's sampler. This was a super-cute quilt before I quilted it, then it turned into WOW, one of those quilts I could just keep... oh Mary, you didn't really want that quilt back did you?? LOL NO really, after the pictures I did ship it back and Mary's loved it!

Now on to a darling beauty by Sally, entitled "Martha's Garden" -- an absolute stunner if I say so myself! Oh, and just want to mecntion -- see the beautiful things that happen when you bring me a solid/semi-solid backing! That is truly one of my favorite things, unloading the quilt and looking at the back -- it is like a different quilt!

And last, but certainly not least... one of my dear customers recently lost her son which is awful enough and my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family, but his two young children also lost their Dad -- much too early in life. I suggested to one of our mutual friends that maybe we could make a quilt or something from some of his clothing for the girls. She ran with it, made these two super adorable butterflies (the wings were cut from two of his shirts) and I threw in the quilting and two beautiful wall hangings were created. Hopefully when the girls look at these, they will be reminded of their dear Father.

I'm not going to promise to post more often, because it seems when I do that I totally neglect you... so I'll just leave it at HAPPY QUILTING!


  1. All stunningly beautiful, as always!! Lovely idea about the girl's Daddy quilts too. I'm sure they will treasure them.

  2. What Amanda said.
    I'm apparently an emotional wreck today and seeing those butterflies made me tear up!


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