Sunday, October 18, 2009

Has anyone seen my mind...

because I'm starting to really wonder where I left it! I worked on Mary Lou's quilt yesterday, went out to dinner with my son, came home and was totally prepared to work on my owl project! You know what they say about the best laid plans... boy they weren't kidding!

I had been talking to Joe earlier and I told him I was planning on working on my owl. So here I was, full from dinner, sipping on a wonderful cup of coffee, preparing my workspace, and excited to be getting back to work on the owl. BAM, it hit me... where did I put my master pattern... oh no, confusion set in, took over, and it all went downhill from there... I looked in the large plastic bin which housed all the fabric, freezer papers, and other parts of this wonderful project -- no sign of the master. Now this is not a small thing I am looking for -- it is the exact size of my owl. So how many places can you hide a 38x50" piece of paper that is not folded up? Apparently I put it in a special place -- so special even I was never to find it! Many of you have never seen me in a tither -- not a good place -- I don't tither often but when I do, oh mine! I started ripping my entire house apart looking for this master. I looked everywhere. I was to the point that I began thinking perhaps I threw it away by accident during the clean-up... you know like when you throw the fork in the garbage and try to put the paper towel in the sink... like one of those moments. Now pure terror set in... where could this pattern be??? Trying to calm down and think what I did when I came home from the retreat... there it was, in the guest room safe and sound, and apparently protected from me!

We'll see what today holds in store... I'll let you know more later! Stay sane and beware of the special-safe places!

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  1. ROFL!!!AWW... welcome to my world.. I think I spend half my life look for STUFF! And the other half put STUFF in the special-safe places...I'm jelous i wish i was working on my reteat project. Maybe i will have time in Jan. Stay sane... Natalie


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