Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sally's PMS Quilt is done!

Sally's PMS Quilt is finally done. I haven't really worked on it since Wednesday morning. I had an awful migraine on Thursday and it carried into Friday -- only a very tiny bit of quilting got done. Honestly, only a very tiny bit of anything got done. But today I got busy and finished it - it looks great!

This is the third PMS (Patch Monthly Sampler-JaM Patch) that I've done. I still amazes me how different the same quilt looks just by changing the colors and layout. One day soon I'll post the pictures all together so you can see the differences.

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  1. Hi Karen!
    I happened to land on your blog today as i give myself 6 blogs to visit each day from the mother site~
    Your quilting is fantastic~I will check in often to become inspired!


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