Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Wednesday!

I know many bloggers believe in "Wordless Wednesday"... ha, its one of the only days I can actually take a short breath and speak! Today was the Crazy Quilters guild, and just in case I didn't already know, they reminded me that the show is a little over 6 months away! No reason to fret right... on top of my spectacular show quilt that's no where near done, and another that's still being planned, I am in charge of ribbons and show pins. Show pins is a little easier as it is on someone else's plate once the decision is made, but... ribbons, ahhh, I still haven't revised the prototype... hopefully I'll find a few hours this weekend. But that's only to work on the revised ribbon, I still have to find a gazillion hours to actually make the ribbons!... if I remember correctly, all 51 of them??? That's just a guess, I'm not sure exactly how many but it's in that range.

On top of all that... I rented a booth for the 2010 show. Some of you already know... in February I will be debuting my own whole cloth pattern line. Yes, apparently I am completely nuts. In addition to my already crazy life, I have decided to go and add creating and making patterns! I have a few already, but... yep I did say BUT... I still need to turn what's in my head into actual patterns -- it's like translating psycho-babble!

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot... I need to get my member challenge from the great idea that's in my head onto a piece of fabric!

And in addition to all that, I still have my business and everyday life to contend with. Now, I am not really complaining, I love every minute of this, I'm just venting so I don't scare myself into thinking I'm too busy to do anything! Sorry, we cannot have brain shutdown right now!

Anyway, happy "wordful" wednesday!

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