Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Spice Market Quilt

Okay, it's all pieced & measures 103 x 86... I like quilts that are wider than long -- I don't need covers over my head but I do need covers to tug on! Awful picture, I know! After fishing last night I was productive and decided I was going to finish piecing this quilt (it was a late one for me). My original plan for this quilt was changed (what else is new), anyway, the geese were supposed to be sashed with the border print fabric and the large print was supposed to be the outer border. Notice I say "supposed", once I made some geese and put them down on the large print, the quilt was changed... I just loved how the geese looked next to the large print, so the border print fabric is only around the edges of the quilt, kinda looks lost because of the wide columns and geese, but it does its job. I just LOVE the large print and couldn't cut it anymore than I did.
It's going on the frame today - I think I'll be doing my freehand frenzy all over, either that or funky feathers everywhere, still not sure, but I want this quilted today! We'll see what happens, check back at the end of the day for an update, and hopefully finished pics, or at least almost finished!

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