Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bolts Freed!!

I managed to free 11 bolts from the confinement of a quilt shop! Really, for those of you that don't already know the JaM Patch is having a "free the bolt" sale -- its great, finish the bolt and get 30% off. And I even bought some colors that weren't "ME"-- I always buy nature colors, greens, browns, tans, mostly earthtones... that is, unless its a sunset, but even then... a sunset is nature so I can't be wrong, right? But today I bought some of those colors that you wouldn't expect me to buy... like pale icy lavender (so NOT me), pale? Whats that?, thats almost white in my world. A bright red (but its is so nice), a bubble gum pink, and a few others. Anyway, they will be residing in my stash for now. So far they're getting along well with the others.... until the next quilt, then the bickering begins!

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