Tuesday, April 6, 2010

MCQ Guild Raffle Pillow for April...

Some of you will remember I designed and quilted a pillow for Martin County Quilters to be raffled in April - if not, click here. For the rest of you, continue on... well, truth be told - I am a fantastic quilter and not so bad at designing, BUT (oh no, that dreaded BUT) -- I stink at pillow construction! Not just a little stink, we're talking down right nasty reeking gut-tugging stink! Put it this way, it would look nothing like a pillow when I was done with it! So knowing this, I asked Pat P. to take my quilted fabric and make the pillow -- she did, and here it is...
I think Pat did a fabulous job -- now it is an awesome pillow - it even has piping! THANKS PAT! Hopefully April's pillow raffle will have record sales... keeping my fingers crossed!

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