Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Almost Friday...

Sorry no pics this post. I'm working on a piece of fabric (I guess) -- it is part of a very expensive bedspread from a highly respected department store. BUT... (there's always a but) the woman than owns it used it for a very short while and MOST of the stitching came out. She then ripped out the remaining stitching, threw away the "crap" batting that it was filled with, and tossed the so-called muslin backing. She then brought it to me to "fix". Apparently I am a FIXER of quilts. I'm not sure I wanted to be known for this, but for some uncanny reason people come to me for quilt repairs. I found out the hard way that this was a wonderful talent I possessed! Although this job is more of a redo than an actual repair. Needless to say, I had to use a very, very, high loft poly batting -- one that I normally only use for trapunto -- because of the original piecing of the bedspread and the batt they had used, it has a kinda curvature on the sides and bottom when you lay it flat -- really more like a Puff-a-ture, if you can picture it. Once you add that superloft poly it behaves quite well!

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