Monday, February 20, 2012

What the heck happened to January?

Catch up... my most famous saying of late.  I have no idea what happened to January.  It is gone, I would have to look through my computer to see if I actually quilted anything because I truly don't remember.  So hold on one minute... Wow!  Okay, so a few quilts happened in January, as usual, here goes the super-quick condensed version:

Valerie had two quilts:

Susan had a giant beauty:


And two from Jan:

And last, but certain not least, Nancy's:

Hold on cause this is going to be a very long post...  Then before I even knew it... February!  My Mom and Sister flew in for our local quilt show -- cause I'm special like that!  Really, it has become a sort of tradition for them to come for the show, and let me tell you, they are the biggest helpers ever.  Here we are are Day 1 of the show:

and again on Day 2 of the show:

I must say a super thank you to Theresa for taking this picture.  She snapped an aerial photo of us and let me tell you, I'm going to have her follow me around with the ladder for every photo from now on!  You just look better with an aerial photo!

Here is a photo of my ribbons from the show -- from my own quilts and also those I quilted for customers.  There is one more ribbon on the way, it needed to be ordered -- who knew that the group door challenge would take Viewer's Choice - awesome!

There are a million more photos that I would love to share, but you'll have to wait and see them on the guild's website once I finish the slideshow.  Don't worry, I will most definitely post a link.  Until then, here is the Awards Listing.


  1. I just love seeing all of your ribbons lined up like that. And I agree, what happened to January? And where the hell has February gone off to?!

  2. These are all so beautiful! I wish I had the patience to quilt because these are amazing...


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