Saturday, April 16, 2011

MQX East 2011

how I wish I were there!! For those that don't know -- MQX is Machine Quilters Expo. A fantastic show for quilters, one I am hoping to attend soon, possibly next year. MQX East is one of the largest machine quilting shows and is currently held in Providence, RI. Here is a link to the Winners. A super BIG congratulations to all of the winners -- I've seen pictures of some of these quilts and they are truly awesome! Very well-deserved ribbons! Oliver somehow managed to attend (without me). He was part of a Special Exhibit entitled Pretty as a Picture, Quilts Inspired by Photographs. You may remember me talking about that in a previous post, if not, click here. I must thank Linda Thielfoldt (the Quited Goose) for snapping a picture of Oliver for me. To my surprise, there is a ribbon on him. I do not know what the ribbons is for, so I'm patiently (not) waiting for his return home so I can see! Here is the picture:


  1. I saw the picture on her page and wondered what the ribbon was exciting. He is sure hooting it up as far as road trips.

  2. He is so cute and deserving of ribbons!


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